TGV IMAX Launch and G.I Joe Special Screening

by - Monday, April 01, 2013

Hello from me which is having flu right now...
Although i think i should get some rest but i feel like blogging all of the sudden. lol....
Had been attending the TGV G.I Joe Special Screening and the TGV IMAX Launch last Wednesday with my boyfie at 1Utama. Although this was like dunno how many times i went for movie at IMAX, however it's the first time i watched a movie for free at IMAX. lol... Thanks to Churp Churp and TGV!

 photo 20130327_175607_zps60bdf8f3.jpg
Me queuing for the invitations. Rushed there after class~ 

 photo 20130327_180911_zpsefb87628.jpg
The ticket was nice! Got a Churp Churp badge too~ lol...

 photo 20130327_185024_zps46c91960.jpg  photo 20130327_183121_zpsa06b061c.jpg
Went up to the cinema after I took the invitations. I was so surprised with the event's setup. It does not look like cinema though. Should wear nicer a bit on that day to take photo because i really have no idea about how the event will looks like, lol.

 photo 20130327_194117_zpsc2b10e08.jpg
The launch for TGV IMAX. But i can't see properly because i was sitting far away from the stage and there were people blocking my view.

I have no idea what i should do before the movie screening so me and my boyfie just find a place and sit there like idiots. Instead of sitting there, my boyfie decided to grab some drinks or snacks because all the food and drinks were FREE! 
 photo 20130327_185104_zps4c35d091.jpg  photo 20130327_185128_zps79e3bc90.jpg  photo 20130327_185204_zps58e5f906.jpg  photo 20130327_190937_zps990f0ecb.jpg
They had beer, wine, champagne, soft drinks, dessert, popcorn and so on....(Lazy to list out already) The nicest snacks was the Hot & Spicy Popcorn which is new at TGV. My boyfie said it tasted like cheesed-flavor popcorn instead of chili-flavor.

 photo 20130327_201409_zps9283d024.jpg
Of course dinner was served during the event. It was a buffet dinner so we took a lot and we didn't manage to finish it because the movie gonna start soon. Had to give up eating and rush to the hall for movie.

 photo 20130327_182820_zpsac8204a9.jpg  photo 20130327_203814_zps6d9803f9.jpg
Not only free movie, they gave us goodies bag too... How nice...

At last went home with happy mood whole day, thanks to TGV and Churp Churp for this invitation. G.I Joe was nice but why Captain Duke died?!! My boyfie don't believe Duke was dead although i told him like 5 times that  Duke was dead. 

That's all, have to sleep because later still got class!!! It's morning class and it's April Fool. Happy April Fool everyone!

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