50Gram x Swanicoco's Show the Velvet Lipstick Review

by - Thursday, October 18, 2018

Hello everyone!
Swanicoco, the 2018 hottest brand in Korea is now here in Malaysia!
Some of you might not be familiar yet with Swanicoco. Before I continue in introducing the new product, let's learn a little bit more about Swanicoco.

It's a natural cosmetics company that only focusing on natural ingredients for the best product's quality. The company started off it's business by creating a natural fermented soaps and now they are actually the top natural cosmetics company in Korea. Their ingredients is mostly using grains, fruits, vegetables and Korean herbs that go through BIO Fermentation to provide the maximum skin improving effect. Moreover, it's Eco-friendly!

Actually their skincare products were already launched here in Malaysia, but now there's a new product from them and 50Gram will be the first to sell their new product! Thanks to 50Gram and Swanicoco for sending the new product to me, I will be reviewing Swanicoco 1st ever limited edition lipstick in Malaysia!

Let me present you the.....

Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick (Black Edition)!
I heard that this lipstick really comes in limited quantity because there will be no restock after sold out. If you really want to try it out, you have to act fast. (^__^)
Here's my first impression, the packaging is nice. It's packaging design is very minimalist with only three colours, which are black, red and white, make it looks more elegant in presentation.

There are three vivid colors in total for this Show The Velvet Lipstick range but the color that I got here is the Juliet Red because it's the first and only color available in Malaysia now. It's a red lipstick, a very red lipstick color. I was quite surprised with the color because it's a very vibrant color and I rarely wear such a bold and vivid red lip color. 

It was said to be moisturising and softening because of it's natural moisturising ingredients, Carnauba Wax and Natural Oils. It did look moisturising as you can see in the photo the lipstick is glowing.

Just for your extra information, below is the  Ingredient List for Show The Velvet Lipstick:

Tried to swatch the color on hand and it was nice. It's a red color but with a little bit of orange in it. I thought that the lipstick will be a more glossy type but it turned out to be a bit matte. Just one swipe on hand, the color was so pigmented.

I tried it out on my lip and the color was so nice. The texture is a bit powdery and it gave a matte /velvet finish. The color was so pigmented with just one glide. Although it gave a powdery feeling on your lip, it won't dried up my lip.. My lip still feel moisture and it also minimise the appearance of lip line. It literally smoothed my lip surface and made my lip looked fuller. Normally this kinda velvet finish lipstick will tends to become patchy after some time , but this lipstick still stayed nicely on my lip after some hours. It did faded a little bit, but the color still there.

Let me show you a more closed up photo on the lipstick's application.
I tried to dab the lipstick on my lip to create a gradient color on my lip. It actually lightened the red color and became a coral pink color which is really suitable for daily look. If bold red lip is too much for you, then try to dab it lightly on your lip, you will have this nice coral pink shade instantly. I highly recommend this for daily lip color.

Then I tried to apply it fully to my lip. The red color became even more strong and vivid. You can still see a little bit of orange in it but it looks red in majority. I actually felt that my skin tone looks brighter with this bold red lip. This bold red lip will be more suitable for events and party because it looks good in photo.

My Opinion:
The color is nice, it's good to have a red lipstick added into my lipstick collection. I really love how pigmented it is with just one glide. To be honest, I prefer to dab it on my lip for the gradient shade. I wore it to work some days and the color really stayed on my lip longer than my expectation. Even after I ate something, the color still visible (although already faded). Is it because of the natural ingredients? The lipstick did not dried up my lip. Some other matte/velvet finish lipstick mostly made my lip dried but Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick really did a great job it maintaining the moist level of my lip. I really recommend this to girls (or guys) out there who really prefer a pigmented matte-finished red lip color.

Where to get this Swanicoco Show The Velvet Lipstick?
50Gram : https://50gram.com.my/product/swnccstvljr/ (Nationwide delivery)

If you really want to try it out, act fast!
Click on the link above and make your purchase right away~

That's all for my review!

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