I'm at Hack!@DGCFC

by - Saturday, April 06, 2013

 photo 20130405_220845_zps24a5751f.jpg

Unbelievable I'm here at the DiGi hackathon without makeup!wtf...Yesterday, I was wondering whether i should register and attend this hackathon. After all, i finally decided to join this crazy hackathon to gain experieces since i'm studying IT so....why not?!~
So basically this is a short updates from me because i can't leave my blog alone with no updates. Yup, i'm here looking at other people stressing and typing on their own laptop. It's an awesome scenery actually! Some of the participants already completed half-way and my team is like starting from scratch. Wish me luck then~ lol....
Now what i have to do is "Stay Focused, Keep Hacking for 36 hours!" 
Will updates more!

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