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by - Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This post might be a bit helpful for those who wanna cut their hair but always think that having a haircut is a bit pricey. Well, in Malaysia especially KL, the hair saloons here tend to be a bit pricey compared to other places. The price range will normally between RM25 ~ RM100++? It's a bit pricey for people who wanna cut their hair especially for students~

Recently i went to a saloon named Maruyama Kenji (丸山健二) near Pandan Indah to get my haircut because my hair grew longer and not nice already. Thanks to my friend for introducing me this saloon, i got my haircut at a much more lower price which is RM18.

So my hair was at this length before the haircut....

 photo IMG_20130415_144731_zps55a12da0.jpg

And become this length after haircut~
 photo 20130415_183345_zpsa55783dd.jpg
Kinda short and bob hairstyles but cannot see in this photos. Maybe for next few post if i got do selca, you all can

 photo 20130415_162739_zps07994267.jpg
The photo of me doing hair treatment to fix my dry and spoil hair. Wanna dye my hair but maybe next time. teehee~ And the whole treatment including haircut only cost me RM58~~ not bad not bad, me still can afford. lol.

If you all ask me how i think about the saloon, i think it's good. The price for haircut is affordable, the skill of the hair stylist was good, the treatment also not bad. Somemore the customer service there was good + free wifi provided there so i can look at my twitter, facebook, instagram when i'm almost fall asleep. lol. It's recommended for those people who wanna cut their hair at lower price. 

 photo 20130416_180323_zps3412b082.jpg
I think i addicted to short hairstyles already. I feel like i keep on cut my hair shorter. lol... Who ask Malaysia's weather so hot?! lol.. 

If you all interested, here's the details:
 photo 428851_116779995131720_2008905531_n_zps208f1f95.jpg
Photo i took from Maruyama Kenji's Facebook.

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