I'm so angry now?! 【Cosplay】

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

Sorry because this is a random complaints from me...

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It was so pissed me off because there were some issues i faced when i talked about cosplay. Sometimes it was a big argument when it come towards the buy stuffs issues.
When talk about buying stuffs for cosplay, i normally will asked my sister to help since she always buy things from that website and i don't want two separate parcels reached my home at different hour on the same day.

Then the issues rise...
Some people think that if I didn't buy my own cosplay stuff by myself then i'm not consider as a cosplay lover. wtf! lol. How can people make a statement like that?! What's wrong with asking people to help you choose and buy since they are more experience in buying?! I knew where i can buy all the things but i'm not good in buying from website so is it a problem to ask people help? Somemore my sister more experience in buying the stuffs and she know all the quality of the things, so why not? So why is that when i said my cosplay stuffs were basically my sister help me buy wan then some people will start commenting said i not truly love that character wan?!

Although i don't have many cosplay photo shooting or whatever shooting compared to some other cosplayers, but i knew i love the character, and when i cosplay as the character, i know how to respect and show my love to the character. So is this not consider as love? Must buy all the stuff by myself then only consider love that character wan arh?! then every people no need buy from website or tailor-made already because they will sew their own cosplay clothes.

Even if i'm not nice in photos, i still cosplay because i like that character! It was my passion to try my best and cos the character, it was my love. So am i still not love the character i cosplay?

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