Amnesia Cosplay

by - Sunday, April 14, 2013

Amnesia Cosplay!

Okay, for this post i will be posting photos that i took for the Heroine in Amnesia.
I tried my best to pose... but without the guys i seriously dunno how to pose for her. lol.
Somemore i don't have the shoes and the hat! OMG~ but still i tried my best!

 photo a-4_zps150f0c3a.jpg
Feel like i had stopped my cosplay after last year Comic Fiesta. The main reason was because i don't have much time to stay at home and do makeup+cosplay. However, i was so free this weekend so i did some "self-photoshoot" to update my cosplay a bit. lol...

 photo a-2_zpscd3b905c.jpg
Kinda edited this photo because i felt like i can make it into a character profile. And i made it! but a bit cacat lah because my skill for photo editing still not so pro yet. The photo was a bit blur because the room's light was dim.

 photo a-7_zps1f231d92.jpg  photo a-6_zps9b0e5ef9.jpg  photo a-5_zpse5cbf283.jpg  photo a-3_zpsd19e5cea.jpg
And the thing i realized was i didn't smile much in the photos, i was so blur or blank? However i still put my effort to pose with nice angles because my face looked chubby from some angles.

 photo a-8_zps1d4c0794.jpg  photo a-1_zps7d1871b2.jpg
When i smile, my face looks even chubby! lol.. So is it means that i have to become more emo so that my face won't look so chubby?lol... 

It took me almost few hours just to pose and take photos, but i had fun! Some more i learnt new make up skill to make my eyes look nicer and larger~ no more weird eyes makeup for next cosplay! I hope i can arrange a photo-shoot for this heroine because she's cute! Pray that i got time to do the photoshoot and i have to get the shoes and hat~ lol....

Will update more~ lol. 

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