Blogging is good, so why not blog?!

by - Thursday, April 11, 2013

Suddenly feel like blogging because i'm too free now?!
 photo IMG_20130410_102322_zpsfdb000d9.jpg
I don't know why i'm addicted to blogging especially from this year onward.  I felt like wanna blog about everything in my life because i want to write down what I did and what i came through in my life. (Felt regret for not blogging actively past few years) 

Some people will feel weird because they dunno what's so fun about blogging. They feel weird about why we wanna write down things and share with public. They think that sometimes blogging will be time consuming because we need to edit photos, think about what to write and how to write.

But for me, i think it's a good habit because blogging give you a chance to remember and recall what had happened. I can try to think back and appreciate and try to correct what i had did wrong. It's a good thing! (Somemore you can show off your new-bought-stuff sometimes. lol...)

For me, blogging is to share your experiences to people and try to inspire others too! So why not blog?!

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