My Style ~ Weekend

by - Sunday, April 28, 2013

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What do I do on weekend?
Actually i'm quite lifeless during my weekend because it's a golden chance for me to rest and do whatever i like~ lol...

Sometimes will go out with brother or sister or friends during my weekend just to kill some time. Sometimes will juts stay at home and rotting. lol... I knew it was so lifeless. Although assignments are a lot , i just kinda lazy to deal with them.

Ended up whole day look at my laptop, viewing some websites or editing photos for my bloggie. Read manga, watch anime, try up make up stuff, and listen to music. I can't live without music especially korean songs. (kpop fever~~ lol..)

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Listening to GD Michi Go lately~
Like his style and wish that maybe one day i can cosplay as him a bit? lol...
Enjoy the mv~

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