Psycho-Pass サイコパス

by - Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Otaku mode on again because i started to catch up with some anime. But, not every anime have a very special yet attractive story line. For me, i kinda like some story line which is more towards mystery, horror, violence and futuristic. My friends always said i love bloody anime but not all bloody anime are nice. However! recently i found an anime which had a really good story concept though!

Introduce to you all......

 photo PSYCHO-PASS-OP15-Large03_zps30c9dbbc.jpg\
I know i know i know i'm outdated...It's an anime that start airing since October 2012 till March 2013 if i'm not mistaken. However i watched the anime on last week by using only one day to finish the whole 22 episodes! The story was really good! The best anime of the season if you ask me that's why i kept on watch it non-stop!

 photo 8058637596_6becf74bae_o_zps74dba948.jpg
The characters inside Psycho-Pass... Unlike most of the other anime's character that wear very nice and colorful shirt, you can only see formal black shirts in Psycho-Pass. The most important thing is, there are only 3 main girls character in this anime. 

 photo PSYCHO-PASSfull1265308_zpsc7350637.jpg
The story line was take place in the future when "Sybil System" was developed. Sybil System was an AI that actually control and maintain the country. Every people in that time were obeying the rules of Sybil System. At that time, Psycho-Pass is a standard to measure the behavior and potential of a human being. Psycho-Pass is able to predict and calculate the probability of a human being commit crime. If the person's psycho-pass is very cloudy or too high, then the police officer will have to terminate them or put them into jail. 

 photo 597037-psycho_pass___ed15___large_03_zpsa1fbdcef.jpg
This story line start with a girl named Tsunemori Akane, who is the new police officer which also known as Inspector within Unit One of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. She was working with a team of Latent Criminal which is the Enforcers. Then the story will start expand till they found out the real identity behind the Sybil System.

 photo PSYCHO-PASSfull1310887_zpsd9626598.jpg
The ending of this anime was not bad. But somehow i feel that they will have season 2 for this anime because I really want to see how they destroy the Sybil System and free the world!

In conclusion, I highly recommend this anime to all anime lovers! I gave this anime 9 out of 10 for my own rating!

And this anime's OP and ED songs was nice!!!! (Especially the ED song)

P/S: The weapon used by all the characters was cool and futuristic! <3
P/S: All the images are copy from another websites! Credits to all the websites although i don't remember where i got these pictures from... Sorry...

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