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by - Friday, March 29, 2013

Guess what?
Another personal post. lol....
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I'm attending my year 2 semester 2 in my degree course currently and it's time for me to figure out and draft my FYP title. Had been thinking and thinking for a lot of titles that almost made my head explode. It's not an easy task to think and decide your FYP title if you wanna score a good grade.

As i'm studying Software Engineering course right now, i really don't have any ideas for the title. Lecturer seems to expect that the students from SE course will do some very challenging FYP title, the title that requires the use of algorithm, mathematics, calculation, logical thinking, functionality and so on.

Well, i know that we have 1 year to prepare the FYP but regarding my skills of programming... as in i need to develop a functional system, i really scared i can't finish it on time. So while thinking for the title, I really consider whether i will finish the FYP in time or not. This kind of thinking really scared me some times. 

Of course i want to get good grade, that's why i search for the title which nobody did before, but it's useless though because all my ideas had been done by my senior before. When you see the titles that you wanna do had been done by senior successfully, that feeling's sucks because i have to rethink another idea again. And to rethink a new title is not easy because we need creativity, innovation and more research. 

"Core, Enhance, Special" were the three levels of FYP that explained by my lecturer in class. Core is something basic which give you grade C~D, Enhance is something more than core which give you grade B~C, Special is something creative and nobody did before which is grade A. I want to create something special but it's not easy! sob sob....STRESS!!!!!

But somehow i got some ideas now for my FYP already....Wish me luck though...lol.

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