April Mivva Box

by - Tuesday, April 09, 2013

It's time again for me to blog about the April Mivva Box!
It's kinda late for me to received it because i dunno why the postman didn't delivered it to my house earlier. But thank god it reached my hand safely. I heard people said that some of them got the new design box but not me. So i guess i will just subscribe the May Mivva Box for the new design. lol.

 photo 20130408_015453_zps9941470e.jpg
It was another surprise i got from Mivva Box again, a pink box that filled with good products which is worth the price. Galaxy was the theme for this month! But why i'm so unlucky didnt get new design box~~ sob sob....

 photo 20130408_015659_zps72d36da3.jpg
GALAXY!!!! It was nice though. I actually kinda like the new design of the box because it's cool and fantasy!

 photo 20130408_015820_zps4a067b66.jpg
Tadaaa... The products for this month! It's a lot! Some more they put in hair chalk and a book of shopping list as a free gift for all the subscribers! I always wanted to try the hair chalk and now Mivva did gave me the chance to try it! As for the shopping list, it's good to included it in the box and i guess i have to write down what to buy before i go to shopping next time. lol.

 photo 20130408_015908_zps76626a4e.jpg  photo 20130408_015918_zps4322563b.jpg
The product descriptions.
Thanks to Mivva again, I got the original size of Beautymate Purifying  And Brightening Nano Essence. Now i got the full set of Beautymate products. Imma happy now~ I also like the Shampoo that came in small packages. It's easy and suitable to bring it for trip!

Thanks to Mivva! I really like every month's Mivva Box because it always came with surprise. It's like a present for myself! I'm glad that i subscribed it.

For those who interested in Mivva Box, do visit their page --> Mivva.com

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