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by - Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday post!

Today gonna show you all the difference of me in make up and without make up. It was totally a different people. That's why make up make you looks good, pretty, gorgeous, it's magic!

So now i will show you the difference of me in make up and no make up!

 photo 20130415_183345_zpsa55783dd.jpg  photo blog-3_zpsdf8beaa8.jpg
Left photos is without make up and the right one is with make up. 

If you want me to comment about the photos, i will said the left one looks like zombie, the right one looks like a human. I've tried many make up skill, but i think most also failed because most of the skills are for double eyelids people. And i'm the unlucky one because i don't have double eyelids. My eyelids was kinda troublesome for eye make up because it's like the hidden double eyelids, in Mandarin we called it 内双.

 photo blog-1_zpsaa52fd5d.jpg  photo blog-2_zps58403abe.jpg
For those people who wanna know how i do my eye makeup till like this, well, the magic tools are the fake eyelashes and the double eyelids sticker. For my eyes, i must use both of them only can look nice. If i only use the double eyelids sticker, my eyes will look droopy. If i only use the fake eyelashes, it looks like no make up. And and and... if you want your eyes to look a bit dreamy or colorful, can try using color contact lens. lol..

So, why don't make up? It's good! It's a way to show your politeness too!

 photo blog-5_zpsfe13a8f4.jpg  photo blog-4_zpsb6631010.jpg  photo blog-6_zps3da2a3be.jpg  photo blog-7_zps1df16c51.jpg
Outfit of the day!!! OOTD is casual~

 photo blog-8_zps7d7d2547.jpg
That's all! thanks for reading this post. xoxo.

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