Unhappy Day

by - Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My life always full of happy moments, thanks to everyone that actually take care and be around me all the time. I really appreciate and cherish all the happy moments which left me a happy memories for my past 20 years. However, not every moments are happy moments, eventually there will always be some sad moments which almost broke me down and make me felt depressed sometimes. Well, that's the reality and cruelty side of life.

I always think that, bad things will happen in life and i will be okay with it because i knew i'm a tough girl. However, some events did made me felt so depressed and frustrated until i do not know how to react and face the problem. The only thing that i could do was cried.

That is the time i read a blog post that talked about life. It does inspired me at the moment because not only me facing this kinda problem. Every people will have the time when they have no idea what they should do to solve some problems. When you don't know what you should do, that's the time you will feel despair, hopeless, frustrated, sad and depress, well.... that's normal. The only problem is how you going to deal with it.

It's like a game, sometimes you get to choose what you should do and answer at a point and then you will ended up with different types of ending. People can choose to ignore, people can choose to face it, it's depend on the person. No matter what decision they make, it's their right. It's not wrong.

To be honest, it was a very sad and frustrated day for me, because i finally truly realized the selection i made before was wrong. I sincerely hope i can be better but... it ended in this kinda of way. For so much efforts i put, the only thing i gain was nothing but worse. I do hope it can be better but it's gonna be a tough days waiting for me ahead.

I knew it's a lot of words but...

 photo blog-1_zps7696bbf9.jpg
I know i'm okay.

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