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Finally I'm up from KO status. Really it was my first time experienced how KO looks like when i reached my home. I slept directly at my bed after i was back from DGCFC. 
This post will be my HACK!@DGCFC update!

 photo 20130405_204957_zpsc27d9370.jpg
The tag i got from DiGi staff when i first entered the DiGi headquarter's lobby. They said we must carried this tag when we go anywhere because they scared the guard will stop us from entering the DiGi headquarter. This was my first time went to DiGi headquarters and it was huge for me. I can said that their office was nice and cute. lol.

 photo 20130405_205019_zpsddc7023e.jpg
When I arrived at the hall, what i saw was the winners of ideation giving their speech about their ideas up at the stage. This girl on stage, Michelle in my photos was proposing her Saving Earth( Earth Green's Heros) idea. She's the only girls in the Ideation winner list, awesome right?!

 photo 20130405_220838_zpsab0b5786.jpg  photo 20130405_220838_zpsab0b5786.jpg
It was my first time attending this kind of contest so I had no idea how the contest supposed to looks like.  But when the timer start counting, all the people there was so busy coding and hacking. All of them had a very stressed look which was scary. Well, i don't want to stress myself up so i did some selca for blogging purpose. ( I know i was too relax there because ...)

While all of the participants start coding, i guessed i was the only one who was formatting and installing Windows to my laptop. Actually it was my cousin's laptop, I'm formatting it because when i on her laptop, i waited for almost an hour and it still stuck at the starting screen. That's why i can't do anything at that time!

I think the organizer afraid that we might "pengsan" or "KO", so they actually prepared a lot of stuffs for us to chill.

 photo 20130405_235858_zps6f4ab6f3.jpg  photo 20130405_235904_zpsaadf4849.jpg  photo 20130405_235921_zpsad61ff1e.jpg  photo 20130406_001747_zps17d9aae1.jpg
Thanks to GameAxis, we got Xbox360 and Kinect to played on that 36 hours. It was a good idea to put the Kinect in the middle of the way to toilet because people start playing Dance Central 3 instead of going to toilet. lol. Thanks to Doof for sponsoring the bean bag so we can get a quick nap when we feel tired. Thanks to DiGi and Google for sponsoring the supper and of course the popular "lok lok car" for all of us during the midnight!

 photo 20130406_041851_zpsa0d9e38a.jpg  photo 20130406_041856_zpsc17a9c8e.jpg
Thanks for the food guy with the constant supply of snacks that make me fat! lol~~ I think i gained weight at the Hackathon!

 photo IMG_20130406_104626_zps5f538081.jpg  photo 20130406_164637_zpsd213fce1.jpg
Thanks to Microsoft for the towel also! The hall was so damn cold, it was like Winter time! But thanks to the towel, I survived! 

 photo 20130407_091144_zps06415413.jpg
The last for DGCFC! Most of us survived! Bernard was giving speech and asked for feedbacks on stage.
The winners for the Mini Challenge was announced at that time too but sadly my team didn't have the chance to win. Anyway  i have to congratulate all the teams that won, great job by them because they really did proposed their great apps during the presentation!

The hackathon was fun because the organizer made it in a much more different way. Unlike other hackathon, the organizer made it more fun and enjoyable by supplying food! food! food! all the time. Especially after the presentation, i can see that all the team started to chill at the rest zone. Many people K.O after one night coding, some people enjoyed themselves by playing games or dancing in front of kinect. Of course, snacks like chocolate and drinks which is provided by Mountain Dew were continued supplied for whole night!

 photo 20130408_015220_zps8b8d91da.jpg
Quoted from Bernard, "where got Hackthon give so many t-shirts wan????!!!" 
It's true, i like the t-shirts because the design was good. lol. They did gave us many goodies such as the Blackberry bottle, Microsoft towel, t-shirts, toothbrush...

Well, i guessed this post will be too long if i continue talking nonsense here, lol. 

Anyway, good hackathon from DiGi, i really enjoyed the whole hackathon! Although it was the first open standard hackathon, but it was nice. For all the participants including me, good luck in developing the apps for the finale! 

 photo IMG_20130408_010018_zpsfde732a1.jpg
Lastly, K.O look of me with no make up, no edits, no filter!
Have to continue K.O now~ 

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