Video Making for Imagine Cup

by - Friday, April 12, 2013

A very simple video shooting with my friends because they wanted to do the promo video for their Imagine Cup competition project which is the Project Sentinel. I think i will not talk too much about their project because that is their idea and i only play the actress role in the promo video. lol.

If you all wanna know more about Imagine Cup, kindly visit to -->

So here's the video for the project~

My sister and I was like so "blur" inside the video because it was our first time shooting for video. To be honest, shooting a video and photoshoot are totally different feel. lol. I was a bit nervous when the camera start shooting and kinda uncomfortable. Somemore my friends kept on asked me to adjust my sitting and viewing angles which made me more nervous. Luckily i don't need to talk in this video, if not i will nervous to death~

Maybe I should join the Imagine Cup next year?! lol~

Video credits to my friend, Seakei Yeo.

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