Miao Wafu Pafu Samsung Galaxy S3 Case

by - Thursday, April 11, 2013

I had received my phone case from Miao last week that i won in retweeting a tweet long time ago. Thanks to him for helping me to reserve the phone case till the Samsung Galxy S3 case released.

 photo 20130404_180158_zps22232863.jpg  photo 20130404_180151_zpse6161e8c.jpg
As you can see, the packaging was cute because got Miao, Wafu and Pafu up there on the package. It was special for Malaysian i guess because we seldom see the instruction on the package decorated with cute drawings.

 photo 20130404_180249_zps90b06b24.jpg
The color and design was cute and it's a hard casing. For me, i personally not really like hard casing because it could be scratch easily when fall on floor. And when it got scratch, i will be so sad and emo because it becomes not nice already. (So now, i'm trying not to let my phone drop on the floor. lol )

 photo 20130408_145844_zps3a08d073.jpg
And the best thing is, we all can draw Miao, Wafu and Pafu now! The design on the phone case was in 3D?! I dunno how to describe it... lol... It's a good thing to do when you have nothing to do in class.

If you interested in this cute little phone casing, it's available for iPhone 4S, Galaxy S2 and S3.
Kindly visit to --> http://miaowafupafu.com/
And visit his blog too! -->http://akiraceo.com/


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