My Syle: Self Photo-shoot

by - Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Blogging today because i'm too free!
First of all, Happy Labor Day for everyone out there!lol. Hope you all enjoy the mid-week break.

Today i'm going to blog about the photo-shoot i did for myself, credit to my photographer which is my sister for all those quality photograph and advice. Suppose to do a photoshoot on that day with a photographer but my sister and I are tired so we canceled it. (T.T)

 photo blog-10_zpsc2135e25.jpg
A very simple makeup from me, color lens did a good effect on my eyes' makeup.

 photo blog-13_zps9c3e3abc.jpg  photo blog-13_zps917937b3.jpg
Taking all the photo at evening outside my house. lol~ And the weather on that day was super hot, I was sweating non-stop when taking photos.

 photo blog-11_zps3de21f74.jpg
Didn't really smile at all when my sister taking photos. Ended up my expression look so cool in all the photos. I just not use to smile when taking photos because when i smile, my face look chubby! Then my sister was like:"Why you don't want smile? Smile a bit lah! Aiyoooo~~" 

 photo blog-15_zps5cb018c7.jpg  photo blog-14_zpsc29f94d6.jpg
Okay lah, not so chubby~ lol
But still i prefer not smiling when taking photos. lol.

 photo blog-16_zps1fb0af0e.jpg  photo blog-17_zpsed6c6724.jpg  photo blog-18_zps6d91cd07.jpg  photo blog-12_zpsb68886ff.jpg
Then she kept on ask me to pose a bit and taught me that putting one leg in front will make you look taller in photos. Well, she's right with that! But the photographer must know how to take angle also.

 photo blog-19_zps1454d20f.jpg
Seeeeee! look so fat and short in this photo! omg, lol.... Camera's angle is so so so important!

Top: Taobao
Pant: Nichii
Shoes: Bought it at Taiwan

Simple yet casual outfit and photoshoot. lol...

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