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by - Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How many of you out there are familiar with Trollbeads? (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿)

To be sincere, I'm not familiar with Trollbeads as I'm not really into jewelry field. I always wanted one, but it's a bit pricey for me to afford it. If you have a good look on the above image, you will notice that the concept of Trollbeads is 'beads on bracelet'. If we talk a about bracelet in Malaysia, most of the people will probably think of Pandora and Thomas Sabo instantly (I can guarantee).


The Differences
But, do you know the difference between these brands? (≖ ‸ ≖ ✿)
Or you just following the trend blindly just because people share about them on social media?

Let's have a quick review on the differences between Trollbeads, Pandora and Thomas Sabo.

Founder: Lise Aagaard
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark
Founded Year: 1976
Known for: Beads, Bracelet

Founder: Per Enevoldsen and Winnie Enevoldsen
Origin: Copenhagen, Denmark (Manufacture in Thailand)
Founded Year: 1982
Known for: Charm Bracelet

Thomas Sabo
Founder: Thomas Sabo
Origin: Lauf an der Pegnitz
Founded Year: 1984
Known for: Sterling Silver, Charm Club collection

As I was researching about the brands, I was shocked on a few facts. One of it was about Pandora. it was manufactured in Thailand (that's a shocking fact for me). Another shocking fact according to the above information, Trollbeads is the senior among these three brands.

Since three of them have the similar range of product, let's have a look on their bracelet:
From my personal view, 
Pandora's design is more feminine, suitable for girls.
Trollbeads' design is more classic, suitable for both guys and girls.
Thomas Sabo's design is more simple, suitable for girls and maybe guys.

Of course, each one of them have their own specialty and concept. 
Which is your favorite? (❦ ᴗ ❦ ✿)


The Trollbeads Story

Trollbeads was founded in year 1976 at Copenhagen, Denmark.

The story of Trollbeads began when Soren “Silversmith” Nielsen created the first Trollbead, Faces.
The Faces consists of six silver beads with different faces. Instead of hanging the bead from an eyelet, Nielsen placed an opening through the center of the bead so that it could pierced through by the leather cord, which made it special during that time.

Later on, his sister, Lise Aagaard who is also the founder of Trollbeads, began to place the beads on silver bracelets instead of the leather cords. That is how the signature bead bracelet was created.


The Trollbeads Now
For every Trollbeads they made, every each of it has their own story and memories. As of today, more than 90 designers have contributed to Trollbeads and Trollbeads has more than 600 beads in their collection now. Can you believe how many memories was created?! Although some beads already discontinued but more new collections are coming for example:
The Valentine's Day Collection
Isn't it beautiful?
The design is so classic and elegant. And each of the product actually carried a certain meaning or story which make it a perfect gift for Valentines Day. Guys, if you haven't decide what to buy for your girlfriend on Valentines Day, this might be a good choice for you. (✧ᴗ✧✿)

Trollbeads Tiara
Yes, they even have their own Trollbeads Tiara, which is awesome!
Elegant and nicely placed beads on the tiara, it is very innovative and new for me. It's every girl's dream to put on a Tiara right?  ♡  (ʘ ꒳ ʘ✿)

Moreover, you may also personalize your own 'Beads on Bracelets' to create your own stories and memories too! How great is that!
Just three simple steps and you are on your way to tell your own story.

🌟 Select a Bracelet

🌟 Select Beads

🌟 Select a Lock

**To be honest, the above selection is my own personal favorite combination. A combination of purple theme is definitely my favorite, with beads that symbolize the galaxy and soul. For me, it brings the meaning of being hopeful and be passionate in my life, especially in what I want to achieve.**

Other than beads and bracelet, Trollbeads also expanded their product range to necklace, earring, ring and so on which made more selections available for their customers.


Where to find Trollbeads?
Trollbeads can be found in 50 countries across the globe including Malaysia.
If you want to look for Trollbeads in Malaysia, you can look for it at:
✨Sunway Pyramid
✨Vivacity Megamall, Kuching. 

For more information about Trollbeads online, you may visit:
⭐Official Website: 
⭐Facebook: Trollbeads Malaysia FB.


That's all for my update on Trollbeads.

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Credits: All photos were taken from either their official website or google.

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