Happy Mother's Day

by - Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms around the world and to my dearest mom!

I guessed people will flood all the restaurants because they wanna celebrate the day with their mom. Well, I'm not going to celebrate Mother's Day tomorrow because my family not used to celebrate Mother's Day but i do give present to her. lol.

Actually i like my mom more than my dad and i do think that mom is more important than my dad. (oops, sorry dad) Why?

Because she's the one who went through all the pain and brought me to this world. Of course she also brought my precious brother and sister to this world, who are the dearest to me. I can see that she sacrifice a lot just to brought me to this world. She sacrifice her energy, her youth, her time, her beauty and so much more just to raise me and take care of me since young.

 photo blog-24_zpscbbc73d1.jpg
See... stretch mark....because of pregnant. My mom sacrifice a lot and now she cannot wear bikini or shorts already. Sob Sob... If it's me that having all this stretch mark, i will cry to death.

My mom is like my friend, always gossip with me, talking to me, joking with me. I think that she's the best! Somemore she share the same interest with me such as online, facebook, chatting, online shopping and so on. I can tell you that she's a trendy person. lol.
 photo blog-21_zpsb11434ce.jpg
Trendy and cheerful mom. Always happy.

 photo blog-20_zpsbc18fbd3.jpg
No matter how she will feed us with good food. Make sure my family won't die of hunger. lol. Always clean the house, always fetch me here and there.

Therefore i write something in the card.... for my mom.
 photo blog-22_zpsd05f23cb.jpg

 photo blog-23_zpscfa1ca71.jpg
To thank her for taking care of me and look after me.
Thank you for being such a great mom and educated me to become a better person.
Thanks for scolding me just to correct my fault.
Thanks for being supportive in my life.
Thanks for everything.

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