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by - Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Last Saturday was a very challenging Saturday for a lifeless person like me. lol. 
Thanks to Nuffnang for giving me an opportunity to participate in the Astro On The Go Explorer competition. Super "gan jeong" and nervous because long time i didn't join competition that require me to run around, somemore i had to run whole Sunway Pyramid.

I can tell you that it was a very interesting but very tiring competition for me because i was not good in running. It was a game that looks like treasure hunt because we will need to solve the questions to know the next location and we need to answer the question to get the next clue!  And the clues make us run up and down up and down in Sunway Pyramid to find the booth. It was a game that looks like the Running Man game. lol.

Although i'm bad in running and both my teammate and me not really familiar with Sunway Pyramid, we managed to finished visiting all the booth within the time! Super happy when we reached the last booth because i no need to run already!lol~

 photo blog-10_zps7bc81e77.jpg
After the tiring running about an hour, all the participants went to have our lunch at Delicious! Finally i can fill my empty tummy with delicious food. lol.

 photo blog-14_zps8f3e1ab5.jpg
The best thing was, it was a buffet lunch!! Means i can pick a lot of food that i wanna eat~ (*drooling*) First time having buffet at Delicious. 

 photo blog-15_zpsc82cc555.jpg
My food, food, food! Nice onot? I purposely put all the food nicely just because i wanna take photo.

 photo blog-11_zps4071d1b3.jpg
First time felt so tiring walking around at Sunway Pyramid but I had a lot of fun during the competition although i didn't get any prize... Well, okay, i'm a little bit sad for not getting prize. lol. However, i got to know some new friends there. 
Kept on taking photos with them before i went to pick the food. lol...

 photo blog-12_zps9b1475c9.jpg
This photo i curi-curi tangkap punya. they all dunno. lol... 

 photo blog-16_zps7acc86a5.jpg
This one is pretty Janice. 

 photo blog-13_zps418bacf2.jpg
Jack and pretty Celyx.

Since i dunno why i didn't take photo with Jacq using my phone, so i kinda "pinjam" the photo from her blog. lol... The youngest girl among us i think.... Which made me think that i'm getting older.

Lucky enough to have...
 photo blog-20_zpsddf25467.jpg
Have a picture with @jinnyboy and @pawpuff. The host of the day on stage.

And then lucky enough to have...
 photo blog-22_zpsca9e5e49.jpg
Have a photo with the Gwiyomi girl, Jane.

The event was great enough to have goodies bag for giveaway...
 photo blog-17_zps441b21e3.jpg
Can you see all the pink bag?!

 photo blog-18_zps52a12193.jpg  photo blog-19_zpse707c963.jpg 
Many people standing there waiting for more performances on the stage. The stage also very cool because the middle there can spin wan.

 photo blog-21_zps6bf1c272.jpg  photo blog-23_zps1f72ecc3.jpg 
Went to photo booth and saw Jane taking photo.... It's cool because we can print out the photo on the spot.

 photo blog-24_zpsfb2260c6.jpg 
Somemore got dance performances~ lol... and many "dry ice gas"??!!

 photo blog-25_zpse058f2af.jpg
Awesome to join the event and competition. Imma a happy girl~ 

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