Vote Wisely Malaysian!

by - Sunday, May 05, 2013

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I guessed every Malaysian was very 'gan jeong' about tomorrow because it's VOTING DAY! People above 21 years old will be eligible for voting however i'm not because not yet reach my birthday~ lol.

As a non-voter, I can say that i really dunno what to say when i see the news on TV or newspaper or Facebook. The news about the voting were just speechless and awful. Imagine how will it be tomorrow? Imagine what will happen tomorrow? People complain about this, people complain about that... Well, just it's look like they are fighting using social media. lol.

I do not know how many percent true about the news on fb, tv or newspaper, what i can say is: Malaysian,  now is your time to do something or contribute something to your own country, believe in what you think it's right, please vote wisely, vote wisely, vote wisely!

"Vote for the one you like and like the one you vote!" just as stated as in newspaper. Think about your future  generation, think about your future, think about your family. Vote for the correct one so that we will live a better life!

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