Good things happened recently?!!

by - Thursday, May 16, 2013

Well, i think i should update more stuffs in my blog but i really have no idea what to update. So it's another personal random post again. lol! Somemore i seldom update random post wan, so it's consider rare~ lol.

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Believe me, Degree Year 2 life is not easy, somemore i now studying my semester 2. Imagine loads of assignments waiting for you and all the due dates are near. That is the time when you will say "STRESS!!!". And and and now is the time to prepare my final year project title, have to crack my head till bleeding liao. No more brain juice left inside my little brain, lol. Somemore i dunno why i got so much motivation to join competition which cause my time more pack than before.

I knew it's a lot of "Somemore...somemore and somemore"... But good things still happen recently. lol. Although it was a very tiny little things, it made my days. The good things that happen was I bought the eyeliner gel pencil that i want at the lowest price. lol.... (i will do a review on that later on). So happy that i saw the promo last minute. lol.

Other than that, I also got the Fast and Furious 6 movie invitation from Churp Churp today (thanks). I thought i won't get it because i didn't receive email at Gmail, then after that when i check my Hotmail, only i know i got the invitation. lol... Happy till die i can watch premiere...

Then i also very happy that i received the invitation to the Astro Explorer On The Go contest invitation. Means i have to go join the contest this Saturday at Sunway Pyramid. (*doki doki*) Very "ganjeong" and excited. Do stay on twitter or facebook to support me on that day. lol

Last but not least, my bf... Yes, my very "kiamsiap" or "吝啬“ bf told me that me and him can go Bangkok for a trip after exam. lol... A trip to Bangkok leh?!! Normally i used RM10 to buy magazine, he already  kept on complaining I waste money. And now he said a trip to Bangkok?!! Means I can shopping lah? is it????? hohoho... Now i thinking where should i go at Bangkok to shop. lol. I'm planning the trip now and i hope everything go smooth, then i can travel to Bangkok after exam. Yay!!!!

That's all for now, will update more!

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