I Am The Unstoppable Explorer

by - Saturday, May 04, 2013

Guess what?!
In this post i'm going to write about my hobby and the thing that i spend most of my time doing it except from sleeping. lol...

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I am.... an unstoppable explorer of cosplay, manga and anime. I always spent my precious free time exploring new manga and anime and website about cosplay. I think some people will say that i'm an otaku because i always holding my phone, watching anime and manga most of the time.

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I was so in love with manga and anime because some of the story plot are awesome. It's cool to read manga and anime because some story plot are special and creative thus i can learn a lot of things from it. That's why i always search for the manga and anime with special story plot. And that is the time i began to explore through the internet for the best anime and manga to kill my free time.

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Because i like anime and manga, i started to explore the cosplay world when i was 15 years old. Of course i didn't get the chance to cosplay at first because cosplay was not trending in Malaysia yet at that time and I don't have so much money to buy a costume. But somehow, i continue to observe the characteristics of the anime character so that i can cosplay them in the future. Even now, i also couldn't afford much in cosplay because i don't have more income and time. However, i'm trying my best to continue my explore for cosplay!

In my opinion, the essential gadget that i count in my explorer adventure would be smartphone. Smartphone is a part of my life because i always need it to read blog, update status and so on. And now... Astro-On-The-Go is available for download in any platform. It's a good news for me because i can watch my favorite tv programmes at anywhere and anytime especially One HD because i like Korean show too but i got no time to watch it at home. (I do hope they included Animax in it too. lol) But now i can watch the show with my smartphone during my free time. How lovely???

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