Miss Hana Smoky Eyeliner (Review)

by - Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Hola~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just got back from Astro On The Go Explorer contest and very sad because i didn't win anything. lol. But it's okay because i knew a lot of new friends there! lol. Will update about this contest soon."

So today i'm going to do my first cosmetics review in this post. lol!! Very nervous and dunno what to write but i will try my best.

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Did you know about Miss Hana? Miss Hana is a Taiwan Cosmetics Brands. I read a lot of good reviews from other buyers about the eyeliner. That's why i decided to buy one of it which is the Smoky Eyeliner and try it on my own to see how good is it.

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I can say that the package was nice. The instruction on how to use the eyeliner was well-written but it's in Japanese words. lol. Luckily still got pictures to show you how to use it.

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There are 6 colors available for this product. The 6 colors are Pink, Black, Golden Brown, Dark Brown, Purple and Green. Out of the 6 colors, i bought the Dark Brown.

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Can see it's dark brown with some blink blink glittering effects. (*-*) It was quite blunt, if you feel okay and wanna draw smoky eyes makeup, then go for it. However if you wanna draw very thin eyeliner, then....

 photo blog-34_zps0843ab52.jpg
Use this to sharpen it! Then now, you can draw thin eyeliner! If you dunno where to find this thingy, it actually comes with the pen. lol.

 photo blog-37_zpsbe31ceaf.jpg
Okay, I started to draw without sharpen it....It easy to use because when you glide it smoothly, the color was dark enough already. Then it's stated at the packing there that after you apply the eyeliner, you should wait for 30 seconds for it to dry completely. 

However if you wanna use it for eye-shadow effects, you should do it in 30 seconds because once it dries, you cannot make the eye-shadow effect already. For the eye-shadow effects, you can use this which also   come with the pen....

 photo blog-35_zps432cf531.jpg
Therefore, within 30 seconds, you can smudge the eyeliner with this soft brush. Then you will have your eyeliner become eye shadow.

 photo blog-36_zps06cf85e7.jpg
So this is how it looks like after i applied it. Didn't manage to smudge it because it's already dry after 30 seconds. lol. However, the effects was nice! It makes my eyes looks larger.

 photo blog-38_zps2a75cec1.jpg
The most i like is it's long-lasting! I applied it for whole day and it's still there. Unlike some other brand's eyeliner, it will drop off or disappeared after few hours. Especially i'm a person who sweat easily under hot weather, some eyeliners will smudge or come off easily. But Miss Hana Smoky eyeliner is water-proof and anti-smudge! So even if i wash it with water or i sweat a lot under hot weather, it still there. (*-*)

Of course you can clean it easily with make up remover instead of water! lol.

If you ask me to buy it again, i seriously will buy. This product really good and easy to use!

You can take a look at the website. ^^

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