My Style ~ Rose Nail Art

by - Wednesday, May 08, 2013

I went to fixed my broken nails last Saturday and i was quite amazed by the new manicure.
So here's the photo of my nails~ lol..
 photo blog-10_zps594eae40.jpg
Long time didn't do nail arts, this time i will go with the rose nail art. Thanks to San for doing this awesome manicure. At first i didn't thought of rose pattern because i would like to make it simple just with white color. However, San suggested me that rose in pink will look nice, so i just give it a try. Somemore she drew some small green leaf next to the rose. lol. I guess i like it so much because it was so lovely. I like my nails now, lol. Everyday look at my nails also won't bored.

Whenever i think about Rose, I will think about Lee Hi new MV Rose. Like the song so much! <3 


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