by - Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Assignments DUE DATE!
 photo 20130522_185138_zpsbb57621f.jpg
My face look a bit funny in the photo above. (Put one funny photo and blogging to make myself happier now...) This is what we called "自我安慰" in mandarin. lol...

Will, I'm having a serious nightmare now because all my lovely assignments almost due date! Thanks to my procrastination and laziness, now all the assignments try to be friend with me. lol. Having serious eye bags and pale face like ghost/zombie everyday simply because i don't have enough sleep recently. Always walk in empty-mind or blank look just like an idiot. Omg, i hope i can finish all the assignments. And still i'm blogging and watching anime now! Imma dead for tomorrow again! (Slaps myself)

If you are a college or university students, you can understand how stress you will be when the due date is coming soon and yet you haven't finish your assignments! Feels like end of the world though. 

Okay, have to continue my assignments! lol...

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