Laneige Skincare & Make-up Product

by - Friday, May 24, 2013

Frankly speaking, i haven't really use any Laneige Skincare or Make-up products in my life yet although i heard about this brand a lot. But there are still some products from Laneige that i do like to try out because i read a lot of great reviews for it. lol. All the reviews made me wanna buy it and use it but my current cosmetics and skincare products not yet finished. (T.T) (Mom gonna kills me if i buy more) lol... BUT, I wanna have younger looking skin like all the Korean singer or actress~~

There are some of the favorite products that i would like to try out~ lol...

 photo blog-12_zpsa9d9044a.jpg
The Water Sleeping Pack_EX.
As stated in their website, it is a light gel-type texture provides intensive hydration, vitality, and brightening effect while restoring skin with deep relaxation. Love it so much because it is suitable for a person like me who stay 24/7 in front of laptop in air-conditioned room that has fatigue and dry skin. It is suitable for all skin type so some people who have really sensitive skin will be okay with it. It also can be absorbed into our skin effectively without leaving any sticky feeling.

 photo blog-11d_zps8a27121f.jpg  photo blog-11a_zps567dbea7.jpg  photo blog-11c_zpsd48c88a3.jpg  photo blog-11b_zps1c0c5009.jpg
The Ingredients in it that performs different function! lol... See it already love it. Definitely will own it for my next shopping. Somemore this product got Cosmo Asian Beauty Awards 2011. Highly recommended....

And for the makeup product...
 photo blog-16_zpsebe4bd2b.jpg
Definitely in love with the Snow BB Soothing Cushion at the first sight. (This is so called first-sight-love)
Read a lot of great comments and review about this products! Recommended for me??? to try and love it. As stated in their website again, it is a new-concept Cushion BB for Whitening + Sunscreen + Sweat-proof + Soothing + Makeup Effects. The thing i like about it is the sweat-proof function. As i'm a person who sweat easily under hot weather, most of my makeup will be gone before evening and i have to make up again just to look good. But if my make-up is sweat-proof~ lol... even i sweat a lot also no problem liao~ lol. 

 photo blog-15_zps1b280265.jpg
4 different tones available for this Snow BB. People with different skin tones can actually fit into one of the tones they provided. Nice product! Hope i can try on it real soon~

 photo blog-14_zpsb5e83fff.jpg
Well, Laneige does really provided a lot of makeup and skincare products. If you ask me should I try on it, i will definitely say "YES!" (nod nod) 

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