Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan(江户川乱步异人馆)

by - Monday, June 03, 2013

Sorry about abandoning my blog for few days, had been busy with all the assignments but now i'm free! Not saying that i finished the assignments, just that i finally have time for myself.
Otaku Mode ON!
Today, i'm going to intro you all a manga named Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan(江户川乱步异人馆). The mangaka for this manga is Yamaguchi Masakazu (山口譲司). It is rated 18++, so it's not recommended for kids because it's more towards violence, horror and adults genre. 

Here is it, one of the cover page of the manga. Awesome manga with awesome collection of some very famous horror stories. Some of you might have read the horror story before in some other books. However, in this manga, the drawing style is more towards adults and sexy. I like how the mangaka draw the character till so nice. (*Attracted*)

Now i will show you some screenshots from the manga~lol.
One of the popular story!!! Human Chair~
If you all are a horror manga/story reader, you'll definitely know this horror title, The Human Chair. If you dunno this title, perhaps you can search online for the story or read this manga. 

This is the Clown from Hell, 地狱小丑。
A very violence story line. 

Screenshot from some chapters.

If you all interested you all can go search for this manga and read. But there is something i wanna mentione here... This manga might only available in Chinese version and Japanese version online because i could not find any English version for this manga. If you all able to find English version online, you all can comment my blog post. lol.

Hope you enjoy this manga!lol....

P/S: Picture found in google image, original from Edogawa Ranpo Ijinkan manga.
P/S: Some screenshots too Ecchi so i didn't post it up~ lol. Note that this manga is for adults only! 

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