My Travel: Krabi, Thailand Part 2

by - Wednesday, March 06, 2013

If you all read about my previous post, you all will knew i went to Krabi during cny. Now i will start posting about Krabi travel PART 2! And it's about the beach! If you go to Krabi, you will definitely go for the beach.

 photo 20130213_123951_zps8f5eb568.jpg
Krabi beach was nice...and the streets near the beach were full of foreigners. 

 photo 20130213_151236_zps78ea751d.jpg
Took the speedboat to other Islands. There were so many pretty Islands at Krabi but i only went to 4 of them and i forgot the islands' name. lol...There are so many packages that bring you to different islands. So you all can choose one of the packages if you all go to Krabi.

 photo 20130213_154049_zps8b615902.jpg
First island of the day. It was a very very very tiny island. But it's pretty...
Me and my cousin camwhoring because the scenery was awesome.

After that, i went to snorkeling near a island but i didn't manage to take any photos because i'm snorkeling. And i don't want to drop my phone or camera into the sea. lol. The sea wave was so big until i'm a bit dizzy actually. 

Luckily after the snorkeling session, we went to another pretty island. 
Mind that the photos below might blind your eyes...

 photo 20130213_172856_zps8a9fedcd.jpg  photo 20130213_173621_zpsbb348d8d.jpg
Nice scenery at that island. And what i did there was selca, selca and selca.

 photo 20130213_170805_zps730b04e2.jpg
Took photo with my sister, cousins and aunts.

 photo 20130213_170519_zps3c172030.jpg
And this was the famous 'landmark' there. It's quite rare in Malaysia, a big stand-alone stone mountain or island. lol.

 photo 20130213_173405_zps5dea0b58.jpg
My sexy sister and cousin walking on the beach~

Now, the next and last island~~
 photo 20130213_191008_zpsd8746253.jpg
Very nice scenery too! It was so natural!
I zoomed in a lot to took this photos by using my Samsung S3.

 photo 20130213_182358_zps733b84d6.jpg
And i found this secret place too behind the cave with my family. It's a place that looks like another world. I can feel the nature when i walked into there. Awesome place that amaze me when i walked in.

 photo 20130213_181330_1_zps1b7bdfd7.jpg
If you went to Thailand before, i bet you all know that they believe that this 'thing'(no offense because i dunno how to name it) symbolize maternity and good fortune?(If i'm not mistaken) It had a story or legend behind it actually.I believe it's a story about the princess. And the people there do pray there.

 photo 20130213_182312_zps3d68fe46.jpg
The sun set. 

The trip was fun actually. I learned a lot of new things there especially their culture. The scenery there seriously amazed me. And for me, my own opinion, it's fun to travel to other country and i hope i will travel more in the future!

Till then...
 photo 20130213_140024_zps2e0ec52c.jpg
Will update more~

If you all wanna read about Krabi Trip Part 1...

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