Day Dreaming

by - Friday, March 08, 2013

Had been day dreaming a lot recently whenever i got free time. Scrolling up and down on facebook and twitter just to see people's updates. Clicking on other people's blog just to read their updates. Was feeling inspired by the updates and started to think, what should i do in my future or what i will do in my lovely future. There are so many dreams that i want to achieve, there are so many things i want to try out. I was dreaming that i wanna become a successful person and people would at least know who am i. I know this dream is kinda impossible but hey, what's wrong for me to dream it?! 

My parents always think i did not achieve anything in my life yet. The only thing they know was i'm having a normal good life as a student that study well in uni. But i want more than that! Yes, i do admit i dream big because i wanna have my own career that i'm interested in, i wanna become like anybody else that can inspire people.

That is why i started to cosplay, even though i earned lesser than other people, i still wanna do cosplay because i do dream to become a professional cosplayer before. I wanna cos the character i like, i wanna cos it perfectly, i wanna cos to my expectations. That is also the reason why i went to almost every events even though sometimes i did not cosplay. But i realized it's kinda difficult to be pro in this field because there are so many people that are more pro. However, it's still a dream and most importantly it's my dream before when i was young. I will slowly achieve it!

The other thing that i wanna achieve so badly was, i want to travel. I wanna travel to other country, to have a look, to learn and to feel the culture. I wanna see the other country with my own eyes. I like travel, i love travel and i want to travel. Therefore i kept on working part time and saving money now because i dream that i will achieve it sooner.

What about my study?!
Oh ya, study.... It's some kind of boring stuff. Went into class and listened to lecturer talking something i do not understand. Then i start taking out my phone and play Candy Crush or start doodling on paper. It's an enjoyable time in class. People always tell me that i should concentrate in class, but the lecture is way too boring, therefore i play game in class. But but but..... i promise i will study at home. lol...

Opps, i wrote too much....
Well, see ya in next post!
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