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by - Wednesday, March 20, 2013

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I'm not into nail arts stuff before, but now i realized, having a nice finger nails is good for a girl. I remembered i went to do my first nail arts was because of my mom's influence. I saw her nail art was so pretty. Thus, i wanna try it too!

Was quite blur with the terms pedicure and medicure but now i think i'm familiar with that two terms. Actually, my fingernails is quite weak and soft so it breaks easily. At first, i really did not know what's the difference between color gel and color. I was like: "what the hell is the gel thingy?" That's why at first i only did the normal nail polish which is cheaper. Then the nail's color dropped off after a week and i was so frustrated because my nails looked ugly and i have to pay money again to fix it. 

For the second time, (Still not yet learned the lesson and asked to fix my nail with normal nails color) the nail color dropped off again after a week because i accidentally hit my fingernails with something. I was again frustrated and started to wonder:" Impossible that the nail color so weak wan... it supposed to last longer time right?"

Finally i discovered what is the color gel thingy! Color gel had answered my questions!

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Yup! Finally i got myself a nail extension and color gel which was quite bling bling~~ I got a cute 3D black ribbon attached to my fingernail too! Color gel is harder and long-lasting, it can last for a month if you take care it nicely~~

 photo 20130109_224920_zpsf42fe31b.jpg  photo 20130126_1553050_zps6670e5f0.jpg 
Still insists to keep my fingernails long after the first extension because my nails looked nicer~However, i soon realized that long fingernails were quite difficult to maintain and it breaks easily too when i hit on something. Long fingernails also restricts me from doing some daily stuffs such as pressing button, typing on keyboard, open some casing and so on.... That's why, i decided to cut it shorter.

 photo 20130202_1959470_zps095462d8.jpg  photo 20130312_2037100_zps3ffc782a.jpg
It's shorter and much more comfortable!
Best suggestion from me: 
If you do want a nice looking and comfortable fingernails, make it shorter before applying nail arts!

Okay, i guess i type too much~

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