March Mivva Box

by - Wednesday, March 13, 2013

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Full with expectations and excitement, I had received my second Mivva box for March. This lovely pink box that sent to my house had brought surprises to me. As usual, Mivva box do give me a real surprises because it contains a lot of useful beauty products. Without knowing what's inside the box, i slowly unboxing the box.

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I'm putting the photo extra large to show the content of this month's Mivva box. The product description was detailed as always completed with the price of each product. The product description is helpful to enable the user understand more about the product.

 photo 87e1c6f4-cacf-40e8-b84e-2b3c855b43a9_zps73a9efb0.jpg
The theme of this month: "Know Your Skin". Do we all really understand our skin well? For me, i don't think so. lol....

Now, revealing the products of this month.....*Drum Roll*

 photo 20130306_213031_zps16e37d67.jpg
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer Dewy Finish
Now only i noticed the picture i took for the product list got reflection of light. And as for your knowledge, this is the first product in the list above.
I haven't try it out, but i mistaken it as lipstick as first glance because of the container shape. lol..

 photo 20130306_213616_zps9a9dd977.jpg
Secretleaf Pure Oil Series 01
It don't have any smell, and it's oil.... Pure oil. But it written there on the bottle it's good for dry face, hair and neck.

 photo 20130306_212838_zps0fd5e774.jpg
Beautymate Purifying and Brightening Nano Lotion
Another Beautymate product. It does smell good for me. I used it with the Toner i got last month, it's good because it moisture my skin since i'm always in air-cond room.

 photo 20130306_213040_zps0ddbd59d.jpg
Uriage Hyseac Cleansing Gel
It does smell good. I like the smell, but i haven't use it since i haven't finish the cleanser i'm using currently.

 photo 20130306_213146_zps8aa1c8d4.jpg
Esllon Bio-Gel Eye Mask
Eye Mask which i needed so badly because i always stay up till late night and i got eye bags and panda eyes. 

 photo 20130306_213123_zpsf4948704.jpg
Last but not least, vouchers~~~
Girls do like vouchers, Mivva is really good to include on number76 RM20 Voucher and Murad RM30 Gift Voucher for all the subscriber. How lovely~

 photo 58a661e3-fa5c-4d76-86dc-7d36253b183e_zps10ac9ee5.jpg
The "Group Photo" of the products i got from Mivva Box!
Thanks to Mivva for giving me surprise this month.

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