Relationship between Couples

by - Saturday, March 23, 2013

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Met my long-time-no-see friend which was very close to me on the road when i went to buy dinner with mom. Had a nice chat with him after such a long time which was quite good for me. Talked about a lot of stuff and somehow we "blow water" a lot because we are typical malaysian?

We talked about relationship stuffs which make me think a lot later. Both me and him already have gf and bf so we kinda started talking about some relationship problems. That is the time when he asked me why people  get jealous easily when their bf/gf close to someone else?

I think "Jealous" is a typical common problem for most of the couples nowadays. I mean most but not all the couples. It is a good thing that some couples can actually get over this kinda problems, but it is sad to see some of them break up because of this problem too. I admit that i did jealous about my bf being close to other girls before, but that is for the past. For now, i really think that we should be generous enough to accept your partner having their own social life... because if we always jealous jealous, we will become controlling, the other half might suffocate and end with break up. I'm not saying that we should ignore our gf/bf, but at least should let them have their own life and friends so that they won't be lonely. We can be controlling, but not over-control at the same time. 

The other problem in relationship is we feel like our gf/bf don't care about us. When we get used to our gf/bf, we will start thinking why our bf/gf not as good as before? We will feel that they change already, they don't care or don't even mind about what we doing. If we keep on thinking like this, then we will explode at a time and start arguing with them. My bf always said that i don't care about his feeling when i talk, i don't care about him, i ignore him, i didn't notice him.... Well, it's not that i ignore or don't care, I care about him, but just we already get used to it, so we don't feel it. That's how a relationship become dull....not as sweet as before when we first met. But, if we sit down and talk about the problem, we can actually solve it! 

Relationship is something very difficult to understand. It's all about trust, believe, love, caring, sharing,  appreciate and tolerance. It's difficult because to get along together, we need to tolerant about everything. However, if we still love our gf/bf, we should cherish the relationship...

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  1. Thanks for this post =) it really is a reminder