In love with Danbo

by - Monday, March 18, 2013

 photo 20130309_220606_zps3979c5b0.jpg  photo 20130309_220701_zpscd4d6858.jpg  photo 20130309_220720_zpsb0e749e1.jpg  photo 20130309_220742_zps63d6f368.jpg
Super like this cute little thing Danbo.

My brother bought it last week so i took it and play with it. Always in love with Danbo but it's quite expensive actually. ( I wonder why my brother so rich can afford this little 
However, my brother told me this latest Danbo is cheaper than other version. Quite happy to see my brother likes models, games and Japan culture because of me? Perhaps? As in me always pollute him about all those Japan models and cute stuffs.

 photo 20130310_141309_zps46f40577.jpg
Emo Danbo
As you can see, Danbo is a good model. It can pose very well in photo~ lol. 

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