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by - Monday, March 25, 2013

If you all dunno, Malaysian college/university students actually got their RM250 book vouchers earlier. And i'm happy to get it also because i'm still a student now~~ But a lot of rules had been set up by government for the book vouchers. I think we only can buy 20% stationery with 80% books. So my bf and i had to crack our head to do the calculation by pressing on calculator. That's the time i realized it was so troublesome when we need to count how much the amount of price of books that we took. We had to walk here and there in Kinokuniya for few hours just to select the book with the right amount and abandon those book which exceeds the amount. IT WAS SO DAMN TROUBLESOME!

Bought a lot of Japanese books especially the JLPT test model questions because i might be register for the JLPT test this year. Other than that, my bf bought some Korean and Japanese language learning book because he said he want to learn or whatever...

Actually, the nicest books i bought among all the books are...
 photo 20130324_232438_zpsccfed106.jpg
Horror genre novel for primary school level...wtf.
Walked around the Japanese books section and saw these books on shelf then i took it. Was choosing some others title but the horror book's title attracted me later on.
 photo 20130324_232520_zps7a6f014d.jpg
Unexpectedly cute inside the books because got drawings. lol. Some more they draw like manga's drawing... Totally attracted by the novel.

 photo 20130324_232550_zpsad3f0f93.jpg
And the best thing is beside the Kanji got small hiragana words, which is the best thing for a beginner like me! Totally like like like!

 photo 20130324_232608_zps0435267d.jpg
The price for the novel was quite affordable too! It's stated there for primary school junior readers... My japanese not that good lah, only at primary school level... so sad~~

I will try to study more japanese books because i'm weak in vocabulary. I don't understand many words but i know how to build sentence~wtf.... Trying to learn how to read korean words too, but for the korean vocabulary...I hope i can memorize it also.

Anyway, that's all! xoxo

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