My Travel: Krabi, Thailand

by - Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I went to Krabi, Thailand last two weeks which is during the cny. Kinda excited at first but at the end it's kinda disappointing. However, since it still a trip, well, it's okay okay lah.... Just the tour guide was a newbie and he kinda messed up everything including the hotel stuff. Other than that, it's all fine.

Reached Krabi at 6am...
I was half-awake and half asleep...
The tour guide said cannot check in because the hotel room not yet ready....
When i heard that, i was!

 photo 20130212_064613_zps4e45daa7.jpg
Not a really nice hotel because i thought that we were supposed to live at the hotel nearby the beach. But instead of that, the tour guide helped us checked-in the hotel at the town which is 20 minutes away(by bus) from the beach. lol. okay.... whatever...

 photo 20130212_073351_zps3a5a034c.jpg  photo 20130212_074303_zps5055f591.jpg
With sleepy face after i re-touch my make up. Had a nice breakfast which was the dim sum.

 photo 20130212_084533_zps29c5bba1.jpg
Went to a temple near the cave and took this photo with the huge tiger statue near the entrance of the temple. The temple pray to tiger because they believed that the tiger gave hints to the people to build a temple at that place...( if i recall the story correctly...)

 photo 20130212_091640_zps48831ce4.jpg
It was a very nice place and the scenery looked like a drawing. (P/S: I did not filter or edit any photos in this post, it's original~)

 photo 20130212_091844_zpsd9a82c95.jpg
The temple built for Guan Yin.

 photo 20130212_092428_zps9bd7b894.jpg  photo 20130212_095243_zpsfb03e267.jpg 
Took photo with snake statue. Then i took photo with my brother.

After the temple trip, we went to a place which was inside the forest. Had to walk 800m before we reached the Emerald Pool. Luckily i brought my slippers with me because i knew this could happen... Walking in the woods towards the Emerald Pool.

 photo 20130212_111314_zps467d1bc9.jpg
See my sister taking photo of me.

 photo 20130212_111133_zpse6c8bb74.jpg
The water there was CRYSTAL CLEAR!

 photo 20130212_113429_zpse587576b.jpg 
See the water under the small bridge, it's CRYSTAL CLEAR!

 photo 20130212_113819_zpsc014b560.jpg 
The water of Emerald Pool! It was greenish-blue and shiny when the sun shine on the water surface!
The pool was so clear and you won't even found a natural pool like that in Malaysia! (No offense but it's a fact though)

 photo 20130212_114943_zpsa180806c.jpg 
My cousin and I. The water was so clear and i just jumped into it! It felt nice because the weather was so hot on that day after we walked for 800 m.

 photo 20130212_134904_zps17dd2025.jpg
That's it for the Krabi trip but there's still lot more on next post or next next post because i not yet talk about the Krabi beach! lol... 
See ya.

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