Etude House Mag Play Nails [Review]

by - Friday, November 29, 2013

Hello people~
Finally got some free time to post a blog post, it's been an exhausted week full of assignments. lol.

Today, i going to share with you all this very fun and nice product -- Etude House Mag Play Nails.
Etude House Mag Play Nails

I bought these two cute little products when Etude House is having their November Promotion. So you still can grab it at any Etude House Outlets at a cheaper price because the promotion ends at 30th November 2013. 

The thing i bought were:-
  • Etude House Mag Play Nails - Stripe Pattern Magnetic
  • Etude House Mag Play Nails - #5 Black Darkhole
I was so attracted to these products when the staff promoted it to me... So, what's so fun about it? lol.

This is not a normal nail polish, it's a nail polish with magnets that can create stripes pattern. As you can see, the color is a bit shiny instead of black color and it's  more towards grey color. So what you need to do is you open the cap and apply the nail polish like how you apply normally.

After that...
Before your nail polish dry, faster put this little thing on your nails and wait for 5 seconds. Repeat the step for all nails.

Can you see the pattern? lol. Nice right?
This is the magic of this little thing, it's actually a magnet that creates stripes pattern. The arrows on it indicate the direction of the stripes. Cute right?

I very like the color of the nail polish, it's not too dark and you can create pattern for it using the magnetic. It's kinda fun to use it and it's easy to use. And i only apply one layer of nail polish on my nails and the effect was good! It's better that you  apply another top coat to extend it's lifetime. I applied it earlier and it's already few days now, still it stays still on my nails and didn't come off although i hit a lot of things. lol. If you ask me whether i will repurchase this product, i will definitely say yes. 

If you all wanna try it, you all can get it from any Etude House outlets. lol. There's still other colors available in their store.

Etude House Facebook Page:

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