Butterfly Project X 1Utama Wonder Food Adventure

by - Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hello people~

Today's topic will be about FOOD! Have you ever wandering inside a shopping mall and thinking what to have for breakfast, lunch or dinner??? I think most of the people have this kinda thoughts before including me. It's kinda frustrated to keep on thinking and deciding what to eat before and after shopping, where to eat is like a major problems that we will think and try to solve everyday.

Last weekend i was very honored to be the 50 bloggers to begin a Food Adventure at 1Utama (The "World's 4th Largest mall") thanks to The Butterfly Project and of course 1Utama for the opportunity given to me. lol. This was actually the first bloggers food adventure held in conjunction with 1Utama's Wonder Food event from 4th-24th November. 

The whole food adventure started by registering at the register booth to get this food passport. YUP, IT'S A PASSPORT THAT ALLOW ME TO EAT FOR FREE! lol. As you can see, there were 15 outlets that participated in this event. Of course we are not necessary to eat all 15 outlets lah, but the outlet that were highlighted, must cover loh~

So, journey starts!
Since it was still early, i decided to tried LAMMEEYA for my breakfast. lol. Actually i can choose any dish from the menu but since lammee is their signature dish, so i picked the lammee! lol. 

Signature Dish: Original Lammee

I'm a happy girl on that day! 
This was my first time visited LAMMEEYA, and their lammee was good! The portion of the food was kinda a lot, so it's more suitable for lunch.

After first breakfast, let's go hunt for second breakfast!
Second stop will be Molten Lava.
You have to try their churros if you stop by here, it's nice! Of course there are some other dessert such as macarons and cakes. For those who likes dessert, here might be your choice.

Signature Dish: Churros

Continue third stop!
Next to Molten Lava, it's Food Box! lol. 
Food Box serves some home cook food which mainly focus on Chinese and Hakka cuisine. And for your information, it's non-halal. ^^ 

Signature Dish: Hakka Braised Pork Rice

I tried their butter chicken rice and it tastes good! lol. The price also affordable for all the people. If you wanna tried some Chinese home cook dishes, Food Box is your choice.

Fourth Stop!
Korea's No.1!!! BBQ Chicken.
"It's not barbeque...
It's BBQ! Best of the Best Quality!"

The unique selling points of BBQ Chicken:
  1. It uses 100% olive oil from Europe for frying, creating a distinguished and healthy taste.
  2. It's 100% fresh because they use fresh instead of frozen chicken and fresh raw materials.
  3. The BBQ Chickens are marinated in 30 types of natural spices for 12-15 hours to ensure that the chicken have absorbed all types of spices.
  4. Multi concept menu that offer world's best recipes from East to the West.
  5. It's Halal Certified.
And for your information, they also have their own Chicken University in Korea. lol. Something new right? So if you pass by this outlet, remember to pay a visit. 

Signature Dish: Golden Olive Chicken, Crispy Olive Chicken, Hot Hot drum, Gangjeong Chicken

Fifth Stop!
Bak Kut Teh arh~~
Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, first time i saw Bak Kut Teh outlets inside a shopping mall. lol. Never thought can try Bak Kut Teh on that day. The bak kut teh was super nice and it tastes so traditional. For your information, it's non-halal too. For people who suddenly feel like wanna have bak kut teh as dinner after your shopping, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh is your choice!

Signature Dish: Bak Kut Teh

The journey stops here?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Of course no lah! I have prepared my stomach for this food adventure so imma going to finish all the 15 eateries!

Next stop!
Bisou Bake Shop!
Guess what? i can "dapao" the cupcakes! Always attracted by all the cute cupcakes but never tried before. lol. And now i finally able to try it!

Signature Dish: Cupcakes of the month

Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo!
Another rare eateries in shopping mall. Craving for yong tau foo?! Perhaps you can stop by here to have your lunch or dinner.

Signature Dish: Yong Tau Foo

Ko Hyang!
Anyone like Korean food out there? Ko Hyang serves korean food for their customers and their food tastes good! It's a best place for people who likes korean food. I like their korean barley drinks. lol.

Signature Dish: Bibimbap, Kimchi Jigae 

I Love Yoo!
Talked about I Love Yoo, i will be thinking about porridge, "yao zha kwai", and soya bean drinks. lol. They actually let me took away the food when i asked them because i was so full at that time. 

Signature Dish: Yao Zha Kwai, Porridge

Oyster King!
Fried Oyster is very famous in Malaysia, Oyster King actually sells fried oyster! Fried oyster is one of my favorite food. If you wanna have some light food, you can drop by Oyster King. 

Signature Dish: Fried Oyster

SS2 Goreng Pisang!
Banana fritters is their signature dish. It's more towards snacks actually. If you want to grab some snacks, here is the place for you to buy some food and eat while shopping.

Signature Dish: Banana Fritters

Ninja Joe!
One of the non-halal fast food outlets. If you wanna try some pork burger, Ninja Joe is the best choice for you. They even come with variety of set lunch in their menu for you to choose.

Signature Dish: Pork Burger

Seaweed Club!
Seaweed Roll!!! If you wanna have some not so oily light snacks, why don't you try out the seaweed roll from seaweed club. lol.

Signature Dish: Seaweed Roll

Mr. Cendol!
Need a place to chill with your friends? Mr.Cendol is a good place for you to get some cendol and refresh yourself. ^^

Signature Dish: Cendol Special

Vivo American Pizza and Panini
Wanna have some pizza for your dinner? Vivo does serves various premium selections of pizzas for you. Try out their pizza if you are interested. lol.

Signature Dish: Smoked Chicken BBQ Pizza, Crispy Chicken Panini, Volcanic Chocolate Cake

That's all for my food adventure! lol. I've ended my food adventure happily and full. lol. I think i gained few kg after this adventure. lol. And i think 1Utama is a great place to hunt for food. lol.

After that...
Got some vouchers from the goodies given during registration and i used it to try out the nail art thingy. There's also other activities that was going on but i didn't try it. T.T

So, shall i show you my food passport???
Collector's mode ON! I've collected all 15 outlets's signatures and stamps. 
Mission Accomplished!

I also registered for ONECARD on that day when i was having some free time to digest all the food i ate. lol. Always wanted to apply ONECARD but i always forgot about it. Thanks to 1Utama for giving me this opportunity to apply ONECARD for myself.

Here's are the benefits of ONECARD:
  • Be rewarded with endless shopping privileges with ONECARD, 1Utama's official privilege card. Earn 1 UPoint for every RM1 spent at ONECARD participating outlets. Then accumulate and redeem UPoints like cash to pay for instant purchases, meals, services and entertainment.
  • ONECARD can also be used as a prepaid parking ticket for hassle-free parking. This also works as an eco-friendly initiative to reduce paper parking ticket usage. ONECARD members gain exclusive entry to members-only parking at ONECARD Preffered Parking and Platinum Parking areas, at even cheaper parking rates.
There's also a huge goodies bag given by 1Utama and The Butterfly Project during registration but i forgot to snap a photo of it. The goodies bag included a towel, a fruit juice, a power bank, ONECARD gift card, a Christmas-themed pillow and some activities vouchers.

Also thanks to all the participating F&B outlets for Wonder Food Adventure:
  • LG Promenade: SS2 Goreng Pisang, Ninja Joe, Seaweed Club, I Love Yoo, Eat & Happy Yong Tau Foo, Oyster King, Bisou, Mr Cendol, Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh, Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights.
  • LG Highstreet: Lameeya, BBQ Chicken, Food Box, Vivo American Pizza and Panini, and Lava.

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  1. Ridleeeyyyy!

    I can so totally see you going nomnomnomnom, lol! :P

    The food looks so appetizing that I am starting to crave for them again >.<

    And wow you managed to hit all 15 outlets? Very impressive :)

    How were the dishes at Vivo though? I missed trying it out- but I've seen that all the dishes looked great.

    Love the blog post dear - job well done *thumbs up!*

    1. The dishes at Vivo is nice, you can try it out next time. I read your blog post too! it's nice and detail. Anyway thanks for loving my blog post. ^^ <3