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by - Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I know it's my bad for delaying this post however i still feel that i should contribute some ideas for a better future, so i decided to crack my head and get some ideas out of it. lol.

First of all, would like to thanks The Butterfly Project for giving all the butterflies a chance to share about this campaign. It's a great campaign that allow us to contribute some ideas to our world for a better future life.
So if you still do not know what's all this about, please watch the video above. lol.

So how do you take part in this contest and campaign?
Firstly, you will have to submit the idea you think of to It actually contains two categories, which are the healthy homes and safer cities. So it's up to you to choose but of course you can submit ideas for both categories.

I actually choose healthy homes so this is what i have submitted. lol.

After you submitted your ideas, please do not forget to share our ideas on your Facebook, Twitter or maybe you can blog about it too!
According to the pictures above, 6 ideas will be shortlisted and you can actually vote for the ideas and share it with your friends and family. The best part is the winning ideas will come to life in the coming future!

P/S: As a bonus for all the butterflies, 7 lucky bloggers who take part in this contest will win fabulous Philips Prizes. To participate please click

So what are you waiting for??? Just join and share your ideas!


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