Randomness 3: My Tiring Life

by - Friday, November 08, 2013

Hello people, 
this post is going to be wordy and full of my complaints. lol. If you don't want to waste your time here, you can actually close the tab. ^^
If you wanna read it, please proceed to next paragraph after the photo below. lol.
My life have been hectic recently which make me feel so exhausted all of the sudden. I hope that all the task can be done as soon as possible so i can withdraw myself from all these hectic tasks and have a good nice beauty sleep. Sincerely, 'sleeping' this action is way to far for me to reach now. Although it's my mid-sem break, i couldn't even close my eyes just because there are so many things undone and waiting for me to work on it. If you got add me as friend in Facebook, you definitely saw me complaining about everything. lol.

The main cause of my hectic life is the competition. Sad to say, it was a creating-mobile-app-kinda-competition. Well, i'm actually not majoring in mobile field, but since it's a competition that started by collecting ideas, so i joined. And yeah, i proceeded to the semi-final with some other groups. At first i was so happy but afterwards i was thinking, how am i going to create the apps. This problem strike right through my brain and then i started to feel worry.

Being completely stranger to whatever i saw when i started to read all the documentations just to kick start the apps building. Installed whatever software needed and started build the apps from scratch. "Never know whether i can make it at the end" this kinda feelings really make me feel very depress. It's even more miserable when all the errors and warnings started to pop out from nowhere when i build the apps and run it. All these really bring me sleepless night debugging and thinking how to solve all the problems. 

Just that, half of my holidays gone...

The second cause of my hectic life is the assignments. As a student, it's my job to complete all the assignments, but since my mid-sem break almost ended, i started to worry about my assignments.Tons of assignments and my FYP investigation report are waiting for me. I seriously need to start thinking how to complete my assignments with the fastest way in shorter period. But with part-time jobs and competitions coming all together towards me, i'm actually in a half-dead status now. 

This is the most tiring period for this year. Assignments, competition, works, events.... and the most important issues "NOT ENOUGH SLEEP". If you want me to stay awake for 24 hours, i'm okay with that but lack of sleep for almost 2 weeks is a no-no for me. 

Now i finally realize how important is "sleep" throughout my life. 
Sorry for the wordy post and i guess i will end my post here. Will definitely update more on other stuffs in the next post.

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