Butterfly Project X Kinohimitsu Luau Party

by - Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Aloha people!
Today's post will be talking about the event that i attended last month and i promise it was a great and awesome event!

I'm very honored and happy to have the opportunity to attend this Luau Party on 20th November 2013 at Vila Manja, thanks to The Butterfly Project and Kinohimitsu. Never thought i will get the chance to be part of the event~ And it was my first time attending Luau Party. lol.

I reached there quite early on that day because i don't want stuck in the massive KL traffic jam. Purposely chose another road to the destination just to avoid the traffic jam. lol. Since it's still early, there was not much people there yet, so i just walked around and snap some photos. 

The registration booth near the entrance of Vila Manja.
As you can see, the staffs still busying decorate and set up everything.

Thanks to Vila Manja for providing such a great venue to hold the party.

Some early birds already enjoying their massage before the party starts.

Kinohimitsu products for display. I hope i can take it home, lol, but i can't so i took a photo of it. lol.

Party also need energy right?
Food was provided on that day. Party + Food, Perfect combination!

And of course the main character of that day, Kinohimitsu new product -- Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster!

There was banners setting up for the new product and Tavia Yeung is the brand ambassador.

There was drinks provided for all the bloggers on that day.


And cupcakes!
I didn't get to try the cupcake because my hands were full of goodies bag, my bag and my phone. lol.

So back to the party, it's actually a party that held for the launch of Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster. The party started at 7.30pm and Mamasan Tammy & Illy were the emcees for the party!
The emcees of the day!

Mr. Danny giving his speech and welcome message to all the people who attended the party!

The party started with a game. The game is to fill the bottle with water till it's full by using some tools. The group with the fastest speed win the game. 

Then, there was a speech about the J'pan Bio-Booster gave by the nutritionist of Kinohimitsu. She told us about the products and the benefits that the product provide by showing us some charts and diagrams.

The guests for that day!

There was also spin and win for every people to join. Three lucky winners had walked away with the big prize on that day!

The winner for the best dress on that day-- the pretty Edazz.

Belly dance on that night.

Then everyone started to party especially these two pretty bloggers. lol.

Then it was prize ceremony.
Congratulation to all the winners on that day!

And thanks to...
The belly dancers for the great performance that night.

Representative of 123 cheese Photobooth.

And the emcees on that day! Tammy.

The emcees on that night!

Since i'm still new in this community, i was happy to meet some new friends and great people there.

The party was completed with a group photo!

Went home and unpacked the goodies bag and found out all these great products that i would like to try out. And of course thanks 123 cheese Photobooth for the pretty photos!

A final big thanks to:

Review for Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster

What is Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster?
Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster is the first and only symbiotic-organic blend that enhances our body to absorb nutrients by more than 2 times. Power-packed with an exclusive blend of high-performance probiotics, prebiotics and vitamins, it empowers us to obtain the nutrients and benefits from the food and supplement for better and faster results!

Who should take Kinohimitsu J'pan Bio-Booster?
People with...
  • Low immunity
  • Nutrient Deficiency/ Weight gain
  • Weak digestion
  • Constipation/Diarrhea
  • Leaky gut
  • Allergies
  • Brain fog
  • Alcoholic beverages drinker
  • After the course of antibiotic
How to take it?
  • It can be taken 1 sachet a day before meal. 
  • It's recommended to take it everyday for a faster results.
  • You can pour directly into mouth.
  • You can mix it with water and drink it.
Expected result???
If you take it everyday, the maximal effects can be seen in 4 weeks.

Personal thoughts:
I actually having weak digestion and allergies, and i actually taking it now to see the effects. However, since i only took it for few days, i still don't have much comments about it yet. Maybe later? ^^

That's all for this post!


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  1. wow... the party looks really interesting leh! nice pictures and narration. glad u had fun!