We Love Asia Presents AVICII

by - Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello people~
If you are a party people, i guess you all sure know that Avicii will be here in Malaysia for We Love Asia next week! If you dunno (how can you dunno?!) , do not afraid, here's the details of it:

Date: 30th of November 2013 (Saturday)
Time: 5PM onwards
Venue: Sepang International Circuit, The Welcome Center

Besides the super talented headliner, acts like Bassjackers, 17-year-old Martin Garrix, Congorock and your favourite local artists will also be performing at that night! I can guarantee that it will be a super excited weekend night for you all. 

As you can see from We Love Asia Facebook Page, the ticket is selling fast and some of the tickets were sold out. Awww~~ i wanna go too~~~

The 5 reasons why i wanna go:

1. Of course i wanna go lah, who don't wanna go enjoy the weekend with Avicii? lol. How can i miss such a great event of the year, it will probably end my year with another nice memory. If i miss it, i will be crying...lol.

2. I'm in love with his amazing beats. lol. I wanna see it live! I wanna experience the whole event, it will be great!

3. Okay, i've missed him at Heineken Thrist 2012, so now it's the second chance for me to see him play live! WHY SHOULD I MISS THIS CHANCE?! lol.It will be so ridiculous if i miss this chance.

4. I'm a student! Sad to say, i do not have extra $$$ to buy the tickets. lol. So when i knew that Nuffnang is so generous to give out tickets, i'm so excited and decided to try my luck. yolo~

5. This will be a very personal reason... I actually kinda stress with studies, works and some other stuffs, so i wanna release stress!!! lol. It will be great to go with friends and have fun for the night! yolo x2~

Although i just trying  my luck, i do hope i really get the tickets~ Awwwwwwwwwwwwww~ I wanna go~ I wanna see Avicii~~~~~

Please wish me luck on this. lol.

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