Barbie Choco Contact Lens [Review]

by - Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hola, back to blogging mode now! lol. 

Today's post will be reviewing a pair of contact lens. First of all, i would like to thank HiShop for giving me the opportunity for me to review about this product.

The pink box arrived at my doorstep early this month. I'm a happy girl~~

Basically what's inside were the contact lens, a contact lens case, few discount vouchers and memo. As you can see the contact lens bottles were wrap with the bubble plastic thingy to protect it during delivery.

So here's the more clearer zoomed in photo of the things i received.

And the main character was this! Barbie Choco contact lens with 0.00 lens power.

The bottle was cute but difficult to open the bottle cap at first. I tried to open it for half an hour. lol. 

SO here is it! ZOOM IN of the bottle.

Tadaaaa.... the contact lens. And it's a big lens, it was my first time trying a contact lens with 16.2mm diameter. lol. 

Information about it:
  • Diameter :16.2mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm 
  • Replacement Period: 12 months
  • Country of Origin: Korea
  • Manufacturer: Dueba.
At first i thought : "waaa, the lens so big sure very difficult to wear it because i have small eyes."
But... it was unexpectedly easy to wear at the end. lol! And it was super comfortable, it feels like i didn't wear any contact lens. 

Can you spot the difference of both my eyes? Left eye with contact lens looked bigger but right eye without contact lens is just so... smaller. lol. Contact lens also make you look more lively and energetic. lol.

Puppy eyes? lol.

Kinda addicted to do selca with Barbie Choco contact lens. ^^
My opinion:
Very comfortable lens, after i wore it for almost 6 hours, it's still very comfortable. My eyes didn't feel dry because of the contact lens. Although the color of the lens is not so obvious but it did enlarged my eyes. lol. I pretty like it. 

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