Bangkok, Thailand - Part 2

by - Friday, October 04, 2013

My long time ago Bangkok Trip Part 2 finally is here in my blog... (thank god i got time to post this.)
Finally it's October and i'm so busy with assignments and study, so i kinda forget to blog about my Bangkok trip... Somehow, i looked through my photo folder earlier and recalled that i haven't post about it so here am i to share my travel experience with you all.

I'm going to apologize first because this post will be all the food i ate during my trip. lol. I know some of you might be hungry at this hour, but i don't care~ lol...

Just to be sincere, Bangkok was even warmer than Malaysia, so i have to buy a lot of drinks during the trip so that i won't dehydrate. I can't believe all the drinks there were so cheap! Imagine when you walk into 7-11 shop and see drinks only sell for 10-25 baht? Even coke also 25 baht? How can i resist it? But the bad thing was the label of the drinks were all Thai words and i don't understand. So my bf just grabbed whatever he wants and paid for it. lol.

Near the Siam Center area, you will absolutely see this Four Face Buddha. Many people go and pray there because they believe that praying there will bring good fortune and luck to you. 

Eating time again! It was dessert time! Can you believe i actually bought this at 45baht? lol. It was my favorite there with strawberry, chocolate and cream. lol.

If you walk around in Bangkok, you will see a lot of street foods for sure. However, some of their menu don't have English words, lol. SO i dunno how to order and i gave up. sob sob... But if you know Thai words, feel free to order some yummy food. lol.

Based on internet review and research, many of them said that this steamed chicken rice was nice.It was located at Pratunam area and all their workers were wearing green uniform t-shirt. So if you passed by the store, don't forget to try out the food there. 

Another yummy food  was Omelette with Oyster. lol.You can find it anywhere in Bangkok. However for me, I found a stall near Pratunam next to the road was selling yummy Omelette with Oyster and Pad Thai too. Bought from the same stall for 2 days in a row. lol.

Quite disappointed with this Mango rice because of the small portion and expensive price. But i just want to try out the taste, so it was okay for me.

I dunno why i don't have the luck to spot any coconut ice cream in Bangkok. Although it was not the most yummy coconut ice cream, i was glad that i found one finally!

Walked around at Bangkok and i found this aunty making fresh fruits ice blended drinks. lol. I think i chose raspberries at that time.

Fresh Raspberry Ice Blended Drinks for only 45 baht. lol. Why not?

Did i mention that the traffic jam in Bangkok was way too serious? lol. I saw traffic jam at any hour at any day at Bangkok. lol.

When it was around 6pm there, you can see a lot of street food starting to appear on the street. A lot of Thai people and foreigners will came out and buy a lot of food. lol.

My bf also bought a lot of food back to hotel for dinner and supper. lol. 

Pad Thai

Corn bought by my bf. lol. He seems to like eating corn a lot. lol.

And this was a very cute Thailand dessert. lol. It was some sort of jelly-like candies. lol. I bought it because it was special. Accidentally saw it near the street to out hotel. lol.

Remember to buy Lays potato chips there because it was way too cheap compared to Malaysia. lol. I bought a lot of snacks there because it was cheap lah~ lol. But i forgot to snap a picture of the snacks i bought. lol.

That's it for this post! lol. It's kinda short because i could not recall some things. lol.
Maybe still will update part three in the future? lol.

If you are interested in part one, here's the link --> Bangkok Trip Day 1


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