MTV World Stage 2013

by - Monday, September 30, 2013

Hello people,

Today i'm going to post about another event post which happened two or three weeks before. lol. I know it's kinda "long-ago-ancient-post" but still i'm going to share the event with you all. lol.

I actually got the opportunity to get 2 free tickets to MTV World Stage at Surf Beach @ Sunway Lagoon, Kuala Lumpur. So i decided to go there with my boyfriend. For your info, the event was held on 8th September at 7 pm. 

Actually on that day, i thought i can go there at 6 pm but who knows that so many EXO fans went there so earlier and the photos on Facebook really freak me out because of the long queue. lol. (Why you'll Malaysian so like to queue huh?) I not the type of people who like to queue but after seeing the long queue, i decided to go earlier like 3 pm to collect my tickets.

 It was a chaos there! So many people, long queue and no food, no drinks for me. And the queue was supposed to be separated into two lines, i dunno why all the people just queued where ever they want, lol. I was so confused and annoyed at the time when i reached there because i have no idea where to queue! But thanks to few teenager girls, i kinda understand the whole situation. lol.

I actually having the express ticket but i think it was useless though. For what i knew, it seems that the normal tickets holder also entered the same area and kept on pushing here and there. I was so tired and pissed off, so i kinda separate with the girls and stood far away just for some fresh air. ("Seriously don't have any idea why people kept pushing and pushing while the whole concert not even start yet! ")

Finally had some fresh air and taking photos with bf. He was my guardian on that day, blocking people from pushing me. Lol. And i dunno why every  time when EXO's MV was on the screen, all their fans will scream and shout for the screen?! lol. And you all can imagine the situation when EXO on stage, the place just went chaos.

Finally started with no delay. The two emcees talking on stage and kick start the whole events.

The first artist that performed on that day was Joe Flizzow, a Malaysian rapper and singer. I think one of his songs really catched my attention on that day which was "Untukmu".

After Joe Flizzow, it was the very craziest moment of the events because it was EXO's turn to rock the stage. And sadly i don't have any photos when they performed on stage because one of their fans actually hit me on face when she raised her hand up in the air and my phone also hit by the crowd and fell on the floor. FML. 

After that was Far East Movement!!!!! I actually went there just for them! I like their songs and they are cool. I was so happy to see them on stage live on that day! No regret for that day~ (Fans girl mode on!)

And lastly it was Robin Thicke who took the stage by his sexy voice on that day. Unfortunately my phone was out of battery! lol. However, i still tried my best to record with my bf's phone but the quality was not that good though. 

I truly apologize for the lack of photos, but i'm going to replace all the photos with a video. Hope you all like it! lol.

Extra notes for the event:
  • Please don't put photographer or unnecessary staffs in the middle of the crowd by having a small standing place for them which was higher than all of the people in the crowd, you all will just get scold by people behind you. Did you all know how many people wanna pull you all down at behind?
  • And the staffs was so unfriendly by ignoring people with a face like "wtfwrongwithyouallandidontcare". Seriously?!
  • And again for the staffs who were standing in front of me, if you are not going to take photos or taking care of the crowds, please stop calling more unnecessary people to come and stand with you, you all are blocking my view. Some more you all took selca on the standing place? I was like "SERIOUSLY?!" Can't you just go to other place and take your selca???
No offense towards the staffs but please try to think from our view because we all just wanna enjoy the stage.


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