My Style ~ Short Hair + Fringe (Part 2)

by - Sunday, October 20, 2013

Remember last time i posted that i had my haircut and cut my hair short???
Well, after few months, my hair was a mess. lol.
This was how i looked for last few days.
Messy hair became longer, fringe also became longer and became more annoying. If you all got experience in having fringe before, you will understand my feeling because a fringe that not long nor short was kinda annoying and it blocked my view. lol.

I had a sudden thought to keep my hair long, but that thought only lasted for few minutes. lol. The main reason that i did not want to keep my hair long was mainly because of the crazy hot weather in Malaysia. Finally i decided to have my hair cut shorter again.

After the haircut, this was how i look now. lol. Fringe and shorter hair! lol. Kinda addicted to short hairstyle also because i kinda like it. lol. Thinking that i do not need to tie my long hair everyday and dry my long hair everyday makes me feel that short hair is good too. lol. And i'm very lazy to manage my hair and i don't like bad hair day, so i will always go for the hairstyles that are easier to manage with less effort. lol. 

So if you all are as lazy as me, maybe you all can go for short hairstyle? lol.

That's all for today's post, will definitely update more sooner.


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