Randomness 2

by - Friday, October 11, 2013

I have the sudden thought of how empty my life is for now because i could not even have the ability to buy the things i want so badly. lol. (Currently lack of money to spend. lol)
If you all read my "Randoness 1" post, you all might think that i'm a shopaholic and... YES! I'm a SHOPAHOLIC! lol. I'm very addicted to shopping and buying stuffs. If a bag of money drop from the sky, i will faster buy all the things i want first then only save the remaining money into my savings. lol!!! I'm that kinda person.

Some people that close to me might think that it's such a bad habit to get addicted to shopping and keep on wasting money on unnecessary things, but is it a sin to buy the things i like?

Some people always said that:
"Girls money are easy to earn."
"Girls always spend money on unnecessary things."
"Girls always wanna buy things whenever they shopping."

Please, boys also will buy stuffs okay? 
If you don't like to shopping then you're not qualified to comment about other people because you just simply do not understand how they think.

Even though i'm a shopaholic, but i always search for the best price before i buy something. I won't simply buy some very expensive things. So don't always judge me by using your wrong concept because shopaholic doesn't mean that they spend a lot of money on expensive things.

And maybe my wishlists are even simpler than you all who said i always waste money...
All i want to buy now are some Korean cosmetics product such as mascara, concealer, bb cream and a set of makeup brush. That's all. And it's not some unnecessary things loh, because i put on makeup everyday and i wanna make myself looks prettier. Which girl doesn't want to look prettier? lol.

Okay, end of my randomness.


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