Churpout 2013

by - Monday, October 28, 2013

Hello people!
In this post, i just going to post about the Churpout 2013 which happened last weekend on 19 October from 11am to 8pm at Setia City Mall. If you were there, of course you will know how great is the event. However if you were not there, lol, no worries because i'm going to blog about it now.

My makeup of the day.
Since it's from 11am to 8pm, i decided to go there around 11am. Didn't thought that the location was so far until my bf need to drive for 1 hour till there. My bf also took the wrong road because i'm a bad navigator. lol.

The event area was so big with a lot of empty spaces in the center of the event. As you can see from the photo, the booth was surrounding the empty space. They also put a lot of bean bags for people to take a rest if they were tired of walking. 

Saw this awesome big banner and decided to took a photo in front of it after i registered for the event. Did you saw the fan that i was holding in the photo? Everyone will get it in the goodies bag if you registered for the event. Awesome right?

Kept the memories of this events by stopping by at The WowPhotobooth. Took a photo for free at their booth and what you will get is this...
(Took from my sister's blog)

Cute isn't it? Didn't you think that this photo will be part of the good memories?

Wanna get all this merchandise??? Simply took part in the contest or played at the game booth to win those merchandise. lol. 

FOR THE BADGE! I played all the games available there.

After that, i walked around and visited all the booth. There were a lot of food booths for you to buy some snacks and drinks. lol.

And the favorite place for most of the girls there on that day. lol. Not only i got to meet my favorite bloggers, i also got to visit their booths. There were so many nice clothes but the clothes i want don't have my size. So i didn't buy anything on that day. So sad~~

But it's okay because i met the people who i want to meet on that day! Sadly i didn't take many photos so here's the photos that i have in my phone...
Cheesie... My favorite blogger since 3 or 4 years ago??? She was the one who inspired me to continue blogging when i almost gave up blogging at one time because i like her blog which full with fashion and pretty photos. lol. And she's so pretty~ ^^

Met Brian during the wait for reverse bungee. lol. He's handsome... lol. 

Last but not least, the gyaru mama, Audrey. Took the photo with her and my sis and she's pretty! lol. 

I left the event around 3 pm due to the bad weather. It's raining all of the sudden so i decided to go home.
It was an awesome event full of games, food and clothes? lol. Of course the best part for the event was the reverse bungee. lol. So i will end the post with my reverse bungee's experience video. lol


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