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by - Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hello people, it's Ridley here again and after few months, finally i'm back with posting My Style  post. lol. Kinda out of ideas to write about this "My Style" thing but here is it! lol.

So the topic for today's post is: Selca
So what is selca??? Well, i bet girls will know this term better them most of the guys out there. lol. Selca actually means "Self-Cam-Pictures". It is actually the photos taken by our own rather than professionals. lol. 

Some people think that photo taken by professional will look way more professional and nicer, that's true but selca photos also nice too if you know the techniques. With the smartphones and all the apps available to download nowadays, selca is way more often used by people to take photos. lol. And, i think most of the people will appear nicer in selca rather than photos taken by other people. WHY? because of ANGLES lah!

Do you know how important is this "angles" thingy in photography?!lol. Believe me, it's very important. If you ask me why again? Go take your camera or smartphones and try... You will soon spot the differences. lol.

Just for your references, i will post up few examples here...

Is this nice? lol. 

It was a disaster to take photos by positioning your camera at a lower angle with your face up or eyes looking in front, as you can see, i look fatter and chubby in all the photos and it is a no-no for me. I don't want to look fat in photos!

So what you can do is, slightly adjust your camera position to a higher angle and look up to your camera. Can you spot the difference??? This time my face looks smaller and slimmer.

If you are tired of looking up at the camera, try not looking straight to your camera, you can turn your face away from the camera and take selca. lol. Since it only captures the side of your face, your face won't look big. (and the hair plays an important role too.)

Or else, you can try to pose with your hand or make funny faces to look cuter. lol. It's always a good choice to pose a bit when you taking selca. 
And i guess, hair accessories, accessories and makeup also quite important in selca. Try to put something like headbands, hats, glasses, necklace or some other accessories that can make you look better in selca. Light makeup or heavy makeup also make your selca looks a bit different and nicer. And lastly, don't forget to practice selca whenever you can? lol.

If you follow my facebook, twitter or instagram, you will know that i like to selca a lot. lol. So, i hope you like my tips about selca and try it out yourself. lol. 

Will update more soon.


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