Dr. Post V-Tox Acculifting Patch [Review]

by - Thursday, October 10, 2013

I always dream to have a V-shaped face line because i will look good in photos and videos. lol. Not only that, having a nice V-shaped face also let you suits into any hairstyle and makeup nicely. But i think my face is a little bit chubby and i have a little bit of double chin. lol. How pathetic... lol.

However!!! There are something in the market that can actually enables you to have a V-shaped face line other than plastic surgery lah~ lol...

Followed by the mask i reviewed in the earlier post, i got this Dr. Post V-Tox Acculifting Patch  from HiShop too and i'm going  to do a review for this patch.

The Brand's Introduction:
  • Hailing from Korea, Dr. Post believes in the magic of nature. Enriched with organic goodness, Dr. Post helps revive skin to it's tiptop condition with continual usage.
So what is Dr. Post V-Tox Acculifting Patch???
  • Dr. Post V-Tox Acculifting Patch is a functional patch dedicated to your chin resilience that gives tightness to your sagged face and enables you to have a tight V-shaped face line by tidying up your indistinct face contour with the aid of V-FIT Complex components (CellActiveⓇ-SHAPE, Caffeine, Marjoram leaf extract) excellent in lifting-up effects and the skin stretching effects of an earring-type patented patch developed by a special method.
So how can we use it???

Firstly, as you can see, it's a 2 steps patch. So what you going to do is to tear out the small part at the upper left of the package by following the trace. This small pack of thing is the "Lifting-up Hot Serum".

Next, of course you open the "Lifting-up Hot Serum".

When you pour it out from the pack, it's actually a white creamy serum with a light herb scent.

Apply the "Lifting-up Hot Serum" on your chin line and ball region. Spread the serum evenly and tap it gently on to your face until it's fully absorbed by your skin. It will not dry up completely because it will be slightly sticky at the end.

After you apply the serum, it's the time to open the second pack to take out the patch.

It's a dry patch, so you do not need to worry about liquid spilling out from the pack. Kindly remove the transparent protective film and you will notice the gel-like sticky surface.

The non-sticky part is facing outwards. Attach the winding (V) part onto the center of your lower lip.

Then extend the patch toward both ears and hang it on them by lightly pulling out toward them while adjusting it to the size of your face.

Then, tidy up so as for the patch to stick completely to your skin and you are done!

You will have to wait for 30-40 minutes before removing the patch.
After 30-40 minutes, you can just remove the patch and throw it away. lol.

Since i only put on the patch for one time, i think the effects won't show up yet..maybe a little bit effect but not so obvious. lol.
This is before i wear the patch.

And this is after i wear the patch. Posing for creating the V-shaped face line effect. lol.

For my own opinion, if you really want to have a V-shape mask and you do not know what to do, you all can try on this patch for a period to see the effect. I think it will be a good start to have a nice face line by using this patch. And it's my first time using this kinda patch so i think it's a unique product for me. lol.

If you are reading my previous post, you will know that there's a giveaway for you all to win a set of mask (3 psc)~ lol. 

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